Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson)

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Comprehensive Biographical Resource for All Disciplines

This comprehensive biographical database offers the in-depth, original profiles from the Current Biography and World Authors series, the thorough periodical coverage of Biography Index and the specialist biographical content of Junior Authors & Illustrators. It provides biographical full-text articles, page images and abstracts from today’s leading magazines and journals.

Relevant Searching

Biography Reference Bank allows you to quickly find the content you are looking for. Users can search for individuals based on any combination of occupation, activity, gender, place of origin, birthday and lifespan. Results can be limited by source type, and searchable indexes can be used to browse by biography name, document type, geographic terms and more.

This collection of original content is continuously supplemented with new biographies and updated versions of preexisting articles, giving users up-to-date information on featured subjects.


Our students love using EBSCO. In such an overwhelming information culture, they are able to tailor their searches so they can get the information they want.

– Meg McDermott, School & Community Partnership Organizer, St. Stephen's Youth Programs