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eBook Collection Development
Top Trade Academic Titles Collection

Top Trade Academic Titles Collection  

The Top Trade Academic Titles Collection includes over 200 titles from popular trade publishers that contribute to the Academic course experience.  Many of these titles are exclusive to EBSCO and cover topics including science, art, history, architecture, literature, business & economics and more.

Featured titles:

The David Foster Wallace Reader by David Foster Wallace
Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln by John Stauffer
No Ordinary Men: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans Von Dohnanyi, Resisters Against Hitler in Church and State by Elisabeth Sifton and Fritz Stern
The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey From Living in Trees to Understanding the CosmosT by Leonard Mlodinow
The Cave Painters: Probing the Mysteries of the World's First Artists by Gregory Curtis

Notable publishers include Random House Inc., Hachette Book Group, and Melvin House.

Title List(s):
Top Trade Academic Titles Collection

Social Justice Collection

Social Justice Collection  

The Social Justice Collection includes over 150 frontlist titles from top academic publishers. This interdisciplinary collection covers topics such as advocacy, human rights, humanitarian efforts, global justice, social ethics, and social change. This collection is ideal for colleges and universities that offer a social justice major, and offers titles that support theoretical learning as well as practical, applied learning for working with community and nonprofit organizations.

  • Thomas Paine and the Idea of Human Rights by Robert Lamb
  • Fictions of Dignity: Embodying Human Rights in World Literature by Elizabeth S. Anker
  • Reclaiming American Virtue: The Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s by Barbara J. Keys
  • Blinded by Humanity: Inside the UN’s Humanitarian Operations by Martin Barber
  • Gender and Global Justice by Alison M. Jaggar
  • Nonprofits and Advocacy: Engaging Community and Government in the Era of Retrenchment by Yutaka Tsujinaka, Steven Rathgeb Smith, and Robert Pekkanen

Publishers include Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, John Wiley and Sons, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Title List(s):
Social Justice Collection

Library & Information Science Collection

Library & Information Science Collection  

The Library & Information Science collection features content covering library and information science topics. Titles range across subjects, including archives, preservations, instruction, reference, collection management, outreach, technology, and more. The Library & Information Science collection contains 147 titles for perpetual sale across all markets. Key titles include:

  • The Preservation Management Handbook: A 21st-century Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums
  •  Curriculum-based Library Instruction: From Cultivating Faculty Relationships to Assessment
  •  The Reference Interview Today: Negotiating and Answering Questions Face to Face, on the Phone, and Virtually
  •  The ALA Book of Library Grant Money
  •  The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

Publishers include American Library Association, Association of College & Research Libraries, Elsevier Ltd., Rowman & Littlefield, and Taylor & Francis Ltd. among others.

Title List(s):
Library & Information Science Collection

New Releases Featured Collection

New Releases Featured Collection  

Hot off the e-press. Find all the newest content in this collection featuring titles released in the past month from many of the most popular and highly acclaimed authors in the world.

Notable titles within the collection include:

  • The Murder House by James Patterson
  • Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
  • The Shopaholic Series 7-Book Bundle by Sophie Kinsella
  • The Apartment Therapy Complete Home Book by Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban
  • Twilight: Life and Death: a Reimagining of the Classic Novel by Stephenie Meyer
  • See Me by Nicolas Sparks

Title List(s):
New Releases

Emerging Degrees Collections

Emerging Degrees Collections

These eBook collections provide valuable, focused content to enhance any university program offering degrees and certificates in many emerging fields and disciplines including Health Informatics, Construction Management, Educational Technology, Sustainable Forestry, Sports and Wellness Leadership, Infant and Toddler Education, Sports Coaching, Church Leadership and Administration, Music Industry, American Indian Studies, Petroleum and Biomedical Engineering and many more.

Title List(s):
Biomedical Engineering Collection

Biometrics Collection

Business Analytics Collection

Computer Game Design Collection

Cybersecurity Collection

Data Science Collection

Forensic Science Collection

Petroleum Engineering Collection

Public Health Collection

Robotics Collection

American Indian Studies

Church Leadership and Administration

Construction Management

Educational Technology

Health Informatics

Infant & Toddler Education

Music Industry

Sports and Wellness Leadership

Sports Coaching

Sustainable Forestry

YBP Core Titles - U.S. and U.K.

YBP Core Titles - U.S. and U.K.

YBP Library Services is an industry leader in delivering content solutions to academic libraries. Each year, YBP’s profiling bibliographers compile YBP Core Titles, a list of titles that are considered to be essential to academic libraries. These lists assist academic librarians with identifying the best possible titles to add to their collections each year. EBSCO’s 10 YBP Core Titles include more than 2,800 titles that have been identified as excellent academic titles between 2010 and 2014. Separate collections are available for the U.S. Core Titles list and the UK Core Titles list, and we have organized the titles by subject: Arts & Humanities, Medicine, Science & Technology, Business & Economics, and Social Sciences.

Notable titles within the collections include:

  • An Unwritten Novel: Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet
  • Ancient Syria: A Three Thousand Year History by Trevor Bryce
  • Mad Music: Charles Ives, the Nostalgic Rebel
  • The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union
  • Apes and Human Evolution

Publishers include ABC-CLIO, Cambridge University Press, Harvard University Press, John Wiley & Sons, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis Ltd., and many more esteemed university and academic presses.

Title List(s):
YBP U.S. Core Titles - Arts & Humanities

YBP U.S. Core Titles - Business & Economics

YBP U.S. Core Titles - Medicine

YBP U.S. Core Titles - Science & Technology

YBP U.S. Core Titles - Social Sciences

YBP UK Core Titles - Arts & Humanities

YBP UK Core Titles - Business & Economics

YBP UK Core Titles - Medicine

YBP UK Core Titles - Science & Technology

YBP UK Core Titles - Social Sciences

Latin American eBook Special Collections

Latin American eBook Special Collections

These six Spanish language eBook collections offer more than 1,000 titles to support studies in important disciplines of interest in the Latin American region: Agriculture, Arts & Humanities, Law, Nursing, Philosophy & Religion, and Social Sciences.

Title List(s):
eBook Latin American Collection - Agriculture

eBook Latin American Collection - Arts & Humanities

eBook Latin American Collection - Law

eBook Latin American Collection - Nursing

eBook Latin American Collection - Philosophy & Religion

eBook Latin American Collection - Social Sciences

Independent and Self Published Award Winners and Best Sellers Collection

Independent and Self Published Award Winners and Best Sellers Collection

This collection features more than 250 self-published titles and titles published by independent publishers, and each title in the collection has won an award, landed on a best seller list, or both. 

Notable titles within the collection include:

  • Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
  • One Nation Under God by Kevin M. Kuse
  • Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs
  • 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go by Marcia DeSanctis

Title List(s):
Independent and Self Published Award Winners and Best Sellers Collection

Choice Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT) Collection

Choice Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT) Collection

Each year, Choice magazine (a division of the American Library Association) publishes a list of Outstanding Academic Titles that reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice for the previous year.  EBSCO’s Choice Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT) Featured Collection includes more than 3,400 titles that have all been designated as outstanding for academic studies by Choice between 2002 and 2014.

Notable titles within the collection include:

  • The Dutch Wars of Independence: Warfare and Commerce in the Netherlands 1570-1680
  • Scientists As Prophets: A Rhetorical Genealogy
  • The Ancient World in Silent Cinema
  • Beyond Post-traumatic Stress: Homefront Struggles with the Wars on Terror
  • On Habit

Key publishers include ABC-CLIO, Columbia University Press, Harvard University Press, John Wiley & Sons, Lynne Reiner Publishers, and M.E. Sharpe.

Title List(s):
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT) Collection

Academic Award Winners Collection

Academic Award Winners Collection

This collection contains high-level academic award winning titles in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. Some examples of the awards in this collection are: Choice Outstanding Academic Titles, Ruth Benedict Award winners, W.W. Howells Book Award winners, Royal Society Prize for Science Books Award winners, Modern Language Association Prize for a Distinguished Scholarly Edition winners and MLA Katherine Singer Kovacs Award winners.

Notable titles within the collection:

The Art of Transition: Latin American Culture and Neoliberal Crisis
Sketches in Democracy: Notes From an Urban Classroom
Did Poetry Survive?: The Making of Modern American Verse
The Letters of George Santayana
Israel: A History
The Virgin of Chartres: Making History Through Liturgy and the Arts

Key publishers within this collection include Taylor & Francis, John Wiley, Sage, University of California Press, University of Chicago Press, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, and Elsevier.

Title List(s):
Academic Award Winners

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace  

The Diversity in the Workplace Collection has 30 eBook titles covering the many roles diversity plays in the workplace. Topics include organizational change, hiring practices, interpersonal relationships, training, management, and business etiquette. Key titles include:

Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace
Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion
Sexual Orientation at Work: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives

Key publishers include:

American Management Association, AMACOM Division
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Taylor & Francis Ltd

Title List(s):
Diversity in the Workplace

Art School Collections

Art School Collections

These collections, comprising over 450 eBooks, provide cutting-edge content on the visual and audio arts with a wide range of packaged titles covering architecture, fashion design, digital media, audio production, fine art, graphic design and photography. They also offer a diverse range of titles published by academic and university presses as well as popular arts and media publishers to meet the educational needs of your students and faculty.

Notable titles within the collection include:

  • The Architecture of Happiness
  • New Image Frontiers: Defining the Future of Photography
  • Meanings of Abstract Art: Between Nature and Theory
  • Force Animal Drawing: Animal Locomotion and Design Concepts for Animators
  • A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th and 21st Centuries: From Catwalk to Sidewalk
  • The New Colored Pencil: Create Luminous Works with Innovative Materials and Techniques

Key publishers include Focal Press, Random House Inc., John Wiley & Sons, F&W Media, MIT Press, American Ceramic Society, Elsevier, and Oxford University Press.

Title List(s):
Fashion Design & Marketing

Architecture & Interior Design

Digital Media


Audio Production

Graphic & Web Design

Fine Art

Theology & Religion Featured Collections

Theology & Religion Featured Collections

The Theology & Religion Featured Collections provide a wide range of packaged titles created for all aspects of religious studies. Within the featured collections are 22 individual collections.

Within the 22 collections contain 10 sets of titles from reputable publishers such as Baker Publishing Group, Fortress Press, Westminster John Knox Press, Eerdmans Publishing Company, and United Methodist Publishing House. These are found in the Theology & Religion title lists listed below.

The 12 Theology & Religion Core title lists, provided below, include titles that are also indexed in the ATLA Religion Database®.

Title List(s):
Theology & Religion: History of Doctrines 2015

Theology & Religion: Systematic Theology 2015

Theology & Religion: Ecclesiology 2015

Theology & Religion: Ethics 2015

Theology & Religion: Christology 2015

Theology & Religion: Eschatology 2015

Theology & Religion: Apologetics 2015

Theology & Religion: Soteriology 2015

Theology & Religion: Comparative Religions 2015

Theology & Religion: Theology 2015

Theology & Religion Core: Interdisciplinary Studies

Theology & Religion Core: Bible Studies

Theology & Religion Core: Religious Studies

Theology & Religion Core: Other Religions

Theology & Religion Core: Women’s Studies

Theology & Religion Core: Philosophy of Religion

Theology & Religion Core: Eastern Religions

Theology & Religion Core: Islam

Theology & Religion Core: Judaism

Theology & Religion Core: Christian Theology

Theology & Religion Core: Christian Denominations

Theology & Religion Core: Christian Church History

Reference Collection

Reference Collection

This collection includes a wide variety of titles intended for reference to support the needs of students and faculty at academic institutions in various disciplines and fields of study.  With 500 titles, this collection spans a breadth of topics, including history, science, humanities, music, law and many more.

Notable titles include:

An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs
Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image Processing
Music Fundamentals: A Balanced Approach
The Constellation Observing Atlas
Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions
Encyclopedia of Human Genetics and Disease
Family Trees: A History of Genealogy in America

Key publishers include Salem Press, Sage Publications Inc., Brill Academic Publishers, Oxford University Press USA, ABC-CLIO, and Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Title List(s):
Reference Featured Collection

World War I Centennial Collection

World War I Centennial Collection

The World War I Centennial Collection is a multilingual, academic collection with reference and monograph titles focusing on many aspects of The Great War. These titles cover key events and experiences related to World War I, including civil-military relations, pivotal battles and campaigns, lasting impacts of the war, and personal histories of the men and women involved in both military and civilian war efforts. This collection includes titles in English, German and French.

Key titles include:

The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War
Der Erste Weltkrieg: die 101 wichtigsten Fragen
Durchhalten!: Krieg und Gesselschaft im Vergleich 1914-1918
Foch in Command: The Forging of a First World War General
The Soldiers’ Press: Trench Journals in the First World War

Key publishers include: C.H. Beck, Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Oxford University Press.

Title List(s):
World War I Centennial Collection