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Subject Coverage Includes:

  • Business Trends and Strategies
  • Company Profiles
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technological Advances
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A valuable research tool for students, educators, and researchers who need answers from the history of business and industry, Business Periodicals Index Retrospective offers fast and versatile access to nearly 70 years of business scholarship.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Indexing of more than 1,000 periodicals—including scholarly journals, trade publications, and magazines—with citations to more than 2,500,000 articles, including book reviews
  • The complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957), providing unique coverage of business during this period
  • Reconciliation between original and updated subject headings for continuity of subject coverage across the decades; original subject headings are provided for insight into the evolution of methods and technology
  • Standardization of personal and corporate names to ensure the easy retrieval of all records about an individual or company
Coverage List: