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This collection reflects the progression of print during the 19th century and contains a vast range of titles that highlight an understudied American literary phenomenon. In the 19th century, printed materials became cheaper to produce due to technological advances in printing and publishing. These advances enabled cheap forms of literature to flourish. During this time, story papers, dime publications, and dollar magazines became exceedingly popular.

The Story Papers, Dimes and Dollar Periodicals, 1828-1877 collection contains rich samples of colorful periodicals, ranging from Ballou's Pictorial (Boston, MA) to Beadle's Monthly (New York, NY), from Frank Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly (New York, NY) to Street and Smith's New York Weekly (New York, NY). Researchers will find adventure, humor, and exaggeration in these pages as well as a glimpse into the imaginations of underappreciated and undiscovered American authors.

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