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Book / Monograph9781595462466Bankruptcy: An Action Plan for RenewalSocrates Media, LLC01/01/200601/31/200601/01/200601/31/2006YAvailable Now
Book / MonographChild Support & YouVirginia Department of Social Services, Customer Service01/01/200901/31/200901/01/200901/31/2009YYAvailable Now
Book / Monograph9781595462459Complete Landlording HandbookSocrates Media, LLC01/01/200601/31/200601/01/200601/31/2006YAvailable Now
Magazine0011-0647Court ReviewAmerican Judges Association09/01/200809/01/2008YYAvailable Now
Book / Monograph9781595462428Divorce: Preparing for Legal, Financial & Personal DecisionsSocrates Media, LLC01/01/200601/31/200601/01/200601/31/2006YAvailable Now
Book / Monograph9781854186300E-Mail Legal Issues 2008Thorogood Publishing Ltd.10/01/200810/31/200810/01/200810/31/2008YYAvailable Now
Magazine1937-3406Employment & Labor Relations LawAmerican Bar Association01/01/200901/01/2009Available Now
Magazine1937-2221Family Law LitigationAmerican Bar Association01/01/200910/31/201101/01/200910/31/2011Available Now
ReportFederal Court Forms (Vermont)Vermont Federal Court System01/01/201301/31/201301/01/201301/31/2013YAvailable Now
Magazine1936-7619Intellectual Property LitigationAmerican Bar Association04/01/200904/01/2009Available Now
Magazine1937-2248Mass TortsAmerican Bar Association04/01/200904/01/2009Available Now
Magazine1555-0893Minority Trial LawyerAmerican Bar Association01/01/200901/01/2009Available Now
Book / MonographParent's Guide to Child Abuse & Neglect Cases in the D.C. Family CourtDistrict of Columbia Courts04/01/200904/30/200904/01/200904/30/2009YYAvailable Now
Book / Monograph9781595462442Socrates Practical Law HandbookSocrates Media, LLC01/01/200601/31/200601/01/200601/31/2006YAvailable Now
ReportState Law ResourcesGreat Neck Publishing01/01/201001/31/201001/01/201001/31/2010YAvailable Now
Book / MonographVirginia Residential Landlord & Tenant ActVirginia Department of Housing & Community Development07/01/200907/31/200907/01/200907/31/2009YYAvailable Now