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Working Paper3-Step Analysis of Public Finances Sustainability: the Case of the European Unionifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200809/30/2008YYAvailable NowAUHQ
Academic Journal1619-45004ORSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.03/01/200512YYY03/01/2005Available Now0VK
Academic Journal1018-161XAcademia Economic PapersInstitute of Economics, Academia Sinica03/01/2009YYY03/01/2009Available Now1XP4
Working PaperAccident Law: An Excessive Standard May Be Efficientifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200112/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVUS
Working PaperACE vs. CBIT: Which is Better for Investment & Welfare?ifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200611/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUWT
Academic Journal0360-5930ACES BulletinAssociation for Comparative Economic Studies03/01/197712/31/1984YYAvailable NowJ0F
Academic Journal0001-6373Acta OeconomicaAkademiai Kiado01/01/2017YYAvailable NowG8B
Working PaperActive Courts & Menu Contractsifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200611/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUWR
Working PaperActuarial Balance Sheet for Pay-As-You-Go Finance: Solvency Indicators for Spain & Swedenifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200801/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUNL
Working PaperActuarial Neutrality across Generations Applied to Public Pensions under Population Ageing: Effects on Government Finances & National Savingifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200507/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV6I
Working PaperAdding Geography to the New Economic Geographyifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200706/30/2007YYAvailable NowAURL
Working PaperAddressing the Transfer-Pricing Problem in an Origin-Basis X Taxifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200307/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVKH
Working PaperAdjustment Costs, Inventories & Outputifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200803/31/2008YYAvailable NowAULV
Academic JournalAdvances in Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable Now4W53
Academic Journal1534-6013Advances in MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable Now4W4W
Academic JournalAdvances in Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable Now4W50
Working PaperAdverse Selection in an Insurance Market with Government-Guaranteed Subsistence Levelsifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200406/30/2004YYAvailable NowAVED
Working PaperAdverse Selection in the Annuity Market when Payoffs Vary over the Time of Retirementifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200101/31/2001YYAvailable NowAW0N
Working PaperAdverse Selection in the Annuity Market with Sequential & Simultaneous Insurance Demandifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200210/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVQE
Working PaperAdvertising, Competition & Entry in Media Industriesifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200511/30/2005YYAvailable NowAV40
Magazine2173-0164Aestimatio: The IEB International Journal of FinanceAestimatio: The IEB International Journal of Finance01/01/2012YYAvailable NowFQD1
Working PaperAfriats Theorem for General Budget Setsifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200604/30/2006YYAvailable NowAV0W
Academic Journal1017-6772African Development ReviewWiley-Blackwell06/01/199912YYY01/01/2008Available NowBLP
Academic Journal0145-2258African Economic HistoryUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison01/01/2007YYY01/01/2007Available NowG82
Working PaperAfrican-American & White Inequality in the American South: Evidence from the 19th Century Missouri State Prisonifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200703/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUTX
Working PaperAfrican-American & White Living Standards in the 19th Century American South: A Biological Comparisonifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200603/31/2006YYAvailable NowAV13
Working PaperAfter Life-Cycle Theory of Religious Contributionsifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200611/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUWP
Working PaperAgeing & Fiscal Imbalances Across Generations: Concepts of Measurementifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200301/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVOS
Working PaperAgeing & Growth in the Small Open Economyifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200606/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUZV
Working PaperAgeing & Productivity Growth: Are there Macro-level Cohort Effects of Human Capital?ifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200801/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUMW
Working PaperAgeing & the Tax Implied in Public Pension Schemes: Simulations for Selected OECD Countriesifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200301/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVOT
Working PaperAgeing Municipalities, Gerontocracy & Fiscal Competitionifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200811/30/2008YYAvailable NowAUFM
Working PaperAgeing, Funded Pensions & the Dutch Economyifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200502/28/2005YYAvailable NowAV98
Working PaperAgency Cost of Debt & Lending Market Competition: Is there a Relationship?ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200003/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW4H
Academic Journal1322-1833Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis & ReformAustralian National University, College of Business & Economics06/01/2010YYAvailable Now24LF
Magazine1578-7168Ager: Revista de Estudios sobre Despoblacion y Desarrollo RuralRolde de Estudios Aragoneses01/01/2008YYY01/01/2008Available Now8WWI
Working PaperAgglomeration & Aidifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200606/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUZL
Working PaperAgglomeration Effects on Employer-Provided Training: Evidence from the UKifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200403/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVG8
Working PaperAggregate Wage Flexibility in Selected New EU Member Statesifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200702/28/2007YYAvailable NowAUUZ
Academic Journal1068-2805Agricultural & Resource Economics ReviewCambridge University Press10/01/2009YYY10/01/2009Available Now22KO
Academic Journal0169-5150Agricultural EconomicsWiley-Blackwell01/01/200512YYY01/01/2008Available Now3HF
Academic JournalAgricultural Economics ReviewAgricultural Economics Review03/01/2007YYYAvailable Now22JM
Academic Journal0889-048XAgriculture & Human ValuesSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.03/01/200412YYY03/01/2004Available NowG87
Academic Journal1021-7444Agronomía MesoamericanaUniversidad de Costa Rica12/01/200604/08/2010YYYAvailable Now1XOE
Working PaperAirline Schedule Competition: Product-Quality Choice in a Duopoly Modelifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200605/31/2006YYAvailable NowAV04
Working PaperAirport Noise Regulation, Airline Service Quality & Social Welfareifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200610/31/2006YYAvailable NowAUXN
Academic Journal1408-1652Akademija MMSlovenian Marketing Association - SMA / Drustvo za marketing Slovenije - DMS02/01/1997YYAvailable NowATX3
Working PaperAlcohol Taxation & Regulation in the European Unionifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200610/31/2006YYAvailable NowAUXM
Working PaperAll About the Giants: Probing the Influences on Growth & Income Inequality at the End of the 20th Centuryifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200301/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVOU
Working PaperAll in the Family or Public? Law & Appropriative Costs as Determinants of Ownership Structureifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200304/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVML
Working PaperAllocation of Publicly-Funded Biomedical Researchifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/199701/31/1997YYAvailable NowAW85
Working PaperAllowing for Household Preferences in Emission Trading - A Contribution to the Climate Policy Debateifo Institute for Economic Research08/01/200008/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW2Y
Working PaperAlternative Approaches to Estimation & Inference in Large Multifactor Panels: Small Sample Results with an Application to Modelling of Asset Returnsifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200502/28/2005YYAvailable NowAV8V
Working PaperAlternative Conditional Asymmetry Specification for Stock Returnsifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200104/30/2001YYAvailable NowAVZN
Working PaperAlternative Social Security Systems & Growthifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200807/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUIU
Working PaperAltruism & Envy in Contests: An Evolutionarily Stable Symbiosisifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200212/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVP9
Academic Journal1945-7782American Economic Journal: Applied EconomicsAmerican Economic Association01/01/2009YYY01/01/2009Available Now3ANL
Academic Journal1945-7731American Economic Journal: Economic PolicyAmerican Economic Association02/01/2009YYY02/01/2009Available Now3ANK
Academic Journal1945-7707American Economic Journal: MacroeconomicsAmerican Economic Association01/01/2009YYY01/01/2009Available Now3ANI
Academic Journal1945-7669American Economic Journal: MicroeconomicsAmerican Economic Association02/01/2009YYY02/01/2009Available Now3ANJ
Academic Journal0002-8282American Economic ReviewAmerican Economic Association03/01/1911YYY03/01/1911Available NowAER
Academic Journal0569-4345American EconomistSage Publications Inc.03/01/196906/30/2003YY01/01/2003Available NowAEC
Working PaperAmerican Idol: Should it be a Singing Contest or a Popularity Contest?ifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200712/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUNW
Academic Journal0002-9092American Journal of Agricultural EconomicsOxford University Press02/01/196912YYY01/01/2003Available NowAJA
Academic Journal0002-9246American Journal of Economics & SociologyWiley-Blackwell01/01/196912YYY01/01/1969Available NowAES
Academic Journal1465-7252American Law & Economics ReviewOxford University Press09/01/199912YYY01/01/2003Available NowBHJ
Academic Journal0092-914XAmerican Real Estate & Urban Economics Association JournalWiley-Blackwell06/01/197312/31/1976YY06/01/197312/31/1976Available Now5XM
Academic Journal1582-9146Amfiteatru EconomicAcademia de Studii Economice06/01/2009YYYAvailable Now8W53
Academic Journal0185-3937Análisis EconómicoUniversidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco01/01/2007YYYAvailable Now12DQ
Academic Journal0210-2358Analisis FinancieroInstituto Espanol de Analistas Financieros09/01/2012YAvailable NowEG6Z
Working PaperAnalysis of the Impact of Public Infrastructure on Productivity Performance of MexicIndustryifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200709/30/2007YYAvailable NowAUPW
Working PaperAnalyzing a Flat Income Tax in the Netherlandsifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200701/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUVP
Working PaperAnarchy, Efficiency & Redistributionifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200011/30/2000YYAvailable NowAW26
Working PaperAnimal Spirits & Monetary Policyifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200810/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUH1
Academic Journal1529-7373Annals of Economics & FinanceAnnals of Economics & Finance05/01/2006YYYAvailable Now1HJ4
Academic Journal0770-8548Annals of Public & Co-operative EconomyWiley-Blackwell01/01/197810/31/1988YYAvailable Now2WUU
Academic Journal1370-4788Annals of Public & Cooperative EconomicsWiley-Blackwell01/01/198912YYY01/01/2003Available Now7OY
Academic Journal0570-1864Annals of Regional ScienceSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.11/01/198412YYY01/01/2003Available Now71P
Working PaperAnonymous Money, Moral Sentiments & Welfareifo Institute for Economic Research08/01/200408/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVD8
Working PaperAnti-Competitive Conduct, In-House R&D & Growthifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200704/30/2007YYAvailable NowAUTO
Working PaperAnti-Dumping, Intra-Industry Trade & Quality Reversalsifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200412/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVAA
Working PaperAnticipating Tax Change: Evidence from the Finnish Corporate Income Tax Reform of 2005ifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200801/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUN2
Working PaperAntitrust Analysis of Tying Arrangementsifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200411/30/2004YYAvailable NowAVB3
Academic Journal0003-603XAntitrust BulletinSage Publications Inc.11/01/200206/30/2016YY01/01/2003Available NowATT
Working PaperAntitrust Perspectives for Durable-Goods Marketsifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200410/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVBW
Working PaperApple doesn't Fall far from the Tree: Location of Start-Ups Relative to Incumbentsifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200812/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUF5
Academic Journal2040-5790Applied Economic Perspectives & PolicyOxford University Press03/01/201012YYYAvailable NowB541
Academic Journal0003-6846Applied EconomicsRoutledge05/01/196918YYY05/01/1969Available NowADC
Academic Journal1350-4851Applied Economics LettersRoutledge01/01/199418YYY01/01/1998Available NowAEL
Academic Journal0960-3107Applied Financial EconomicsRoutledge03/01/199112/31/2014YYY03/01/199112/31/2014Available NowAFN
Academic Journal1744-6546Applied Financial Economics LettersRoutledge01/01/200511/30/2008YYY01/01/2008Available NowAT8
Academic Journal1175-5652Applied Health Economics & Health PolicySpringer Science & Business Media B.V.06/01/200606/30/2015YYAvailable Now24KV
Academic Journal1350-486XApplied Mathematical FinanceRoutledge03/01/200018YYY03/01/2000Available Now5AV
Working PaperApportioning of Risks via Stochastic Dominanceifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200811/30/2008YYAvailable NowAUFO
Working PaperAppropriating the Commons A Theoretical Explanationifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200105/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVYY
Working PaperAppropriation, Human Capital & Mandatory Schoolingifo Institute for Economic Research08/01/200108/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVX7
Working PaperApproval of Equal Rights & Gender Differences in Well-Beingifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200407/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVDL
Academic Journal0120-3053Apuntes del CENESUniversidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia06/01/2012YYAvailable NowBL0U
Working PaperAre Cardiovascular Diseases Bad for Economic Growth?ifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200611/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUWY
Working PaperAre Different-Currency Assets Imperfect Substitutes?ifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200307/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVL0
Working PaperAre Family Allowances & Fertility-related pensions Siamese Twins?ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200403/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVG1
Working PaperAre Fiscal Adjustments less Successful in Decentralized Governments?ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200703/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUU5
Working PaperAre Income & Consumption Taxes ever really Equivalent? Evidence from a Real-Effort Experiment with Real Goodsifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200801/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUN9
Working PaperAre Migration Policies that Induce Skilled (Unskilled) Migration Beneficial (Harmful) for the Host Country?ifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200609/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUXT
Working PaperAre Nash Tax Rates too Low or too High? An Example of the Role of Economic Growth in Models with Public Goodsifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200010/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW2E
Working PaperAre Real Wages Rigid Downwards?ifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200705/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUT4
Working PaperAre Stationary Hyperinflation Paths Learnable?ifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200304/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVM6
Working PaperAre the Baltic Countries Ready to Adopt the Euro? A Generalised Purchasing Power Parity Approachifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200807/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUIO
Working PaperAre the Elderly a Threat to Educational Expenditures?ifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200709/30/2007YYAvailable NowAUQ6
Working PaperAre there Border Effects in the EU Wage Function?ifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200612/31/2006YYAvailable NowAUVZ
Working PaperAre We Retiring too Early?ifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200107/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVXN
Academic Journal0270-0484AREUEA Journal: Journal of the American Real Estate & Urban Economics AssociationWiley-Blackwell03/01/197702/28/1988YY03/01/1977Available NowHPZ
Working PaperArms Length Provision of Public Servicesifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200712/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUO6
Working PaperArtificial Time Inconsistency as a Remedy for the Race to the Bottomifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200512/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV2Q
Academic Journal0217-4472ASEAN Economic BulletinISEAS- Yusof Ishak Institute07/01/199603/31/2013YYY01/01/2003Available NowAEB
Academic Journal1610-2932Asia Europe JournalSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.02/01/200512YYY02/01/2005Available NowV96
Academic Journal1360-2381Asia Pacific Business ReviewRoutledge10/01/200018YYY01/01/2003Available Now6ZL
Academic Journal1387-2834Asia-Pacific Financial MarketsSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.09/01/200306/30/2011YYY01/01/2008Available NowOD5
Academic Journal2041-9945Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial StudiesWiley-Blackwell01/01/201212YYAvailable NowAX8P
Academic Journal2229-5801Asia-Pacific Journal of Social SciencesAsia-Pacific Journal of Social Sciences04/01/2012YAvailable NowEG7W
Working PaperAsian Crises: Theory, Evidence, Warning-Signalsifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200403/31/2004YYAvailable NowAVFZ
Academic Journal0116-1105Asian Development ReviewMIT Press11/01/2013YYAvailable NowEE0
Academic Journal1351-3958Asian Economic JournalWiley-Blackwell01/01/199812YYY01/01/2003Available NowBM4
Academic Journal1832-8105Asian Economic Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell01/01/200612YYYAvailable Now1WQS
Academic Journal0818-9935Asian-Pacific Economic LiteratureWiley-Blackwell01/01/199812YYY01/01/2003Available NowBM6
Working PaperAssessing Forecast Uncertainties in a VECX Model for Switzerland: An Exercise in Forecast Combination across Models & Observation Windowsifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200710/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUPF
Working PaperAssessing Horizontal Mergers under Uncertain Efficiency Gainsifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200605/31/2006YYAvailable NowAV09
Working PaperAssessing Monetary Policy in Norwayifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200111/30/2001YYAvailable NowAVV9
Working PaperAssessing the 'Choosiness' of Job Seekers. An Exploratory Approach & Evidence for Italyifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200304/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVMH
Working PaperAssessing the Efficiency of an Insurance Provider - A Measurement Error Approachifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200304/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVME
Working PaperAssessing the Maintenance of Savings Sufficiency Over the First Decade of Retirementifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200510/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV4O
Working PaperAssessment of the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Economic Growth: The Case of Kenyaifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200309/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVJG
Working PaperAsset Ownership & Foreign-Market Entryifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200602/28/2006YYAvailable NowAV1N
Working PaperAsset Price Shocks, Real Expenditures & Financial Structure: A Multi-Country Analysisifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200807/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUJ5
Working PaperAssignment of Powers in an Open-ended European Unionifo Institute for Economic Research07/01/200307/31/2003YYAvailable NowAVKL
Academic Journal1705-7299Assurances et Gestion des RisquesUniversite Laval, Faculty of Business Administration10/01/2010YYAvailable NowFVQ
Working PaperAsymmetric Monetary Transmission in EMU: The Robustness of VAR Conclusions & Cecchettis Legal Family Theoryifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200411/30/2004YYAvailable NowAVBB
Working PaperAsymmetric Taxation & Cross-Border Investment Decisionsifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200406/30/2004YYAvailable NowAVEB
Working PaperAsymmetric Taxation under Incremental & Sequential Investmentifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200205/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVS8
Working PaperAsymmetries in the Trans-Atlantic Monetary Policy Relationship: Does the ECB follow the Fed?ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200503/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV8J
Academic Journal0197-4254Atlantic Economic JournalSpringer Science & Business Media B.V.03/01/199012YYY01/01/2003Available NowAEJ
Working PaperAtomistic Congestion Tolls at Concentrated Airports? Seeking a Unified View in the Internalization Debateifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200706/30/2007YYAvailable NowAURQ
Working PaperAttention Economiesifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200311/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVI7
Working PaperAuction Theory from an All-Pay View: Buying Binary Lotteriesifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200012/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW1H
Working PaperAuctions & Corruptionifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200012/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW0Y
Working PaperAuctions when Bidders Prepare by Investing in Ideasifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200003/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW4W
Academic Journal1324-0935Australasian Journal of Regional StudiesRegional Science Association10/01/2007YYYAvailable Now24N7
Academic Journal0311-6336Australian Bulletin of LabourNational Institute of Labour Studies01/01/2005YYAvailable NowSK1
Academic Journal0004-8992Australian Economic History ReviewWiley-Blackwell01/01/199712YYY01/01/2003Available NowAEH
Academic Journal0004-900XAustralian Economic PapersWiley-Blackwell06/01/196912YYY01/01/2003Available Now5JH
Academic Journal0004-9018Australian Economic ReviewWiley-Blackwell10/01/197012YYY10/01/1970Available Now05S
Academic Journal1364-985XAustralian Journal of Agricultural & Resource EconomicsWiley-Blackwell01/01/199812YYY01/01/2003Available Now2VC
Academic Journal1328-1143Australian Journal of Labour EconomicsCopyright Agency Limited09/01/2008YYAvailable Now24LO
Working PaperAutarchy, Market Disintegration & Health: The Mortality & Nutritional Crisis in Nazi Germany, 1933-1937ifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200210/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVPY
Working PaperAutomating Exchange Rate Target Zones: Intervention via an Electronic Limit Order Bookifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200802/28/2008YYAvailable NowAUMI
Working PaperAVECX Model of the Swiss Economyifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200804/30/2008YYAvailable NowAUKU
Academic Journal1935-1682B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable NowBGWG
Academic Journal1538-0637B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Advances in Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0M
Academic Journal1538-0645B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Contributions to Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0N
Academic Journal1538-0629B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Frontiers of Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0L
Academic Journal1538-0653B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Topics in Economic Analysis & PolicyDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0O
Academic Journal1935-1690B.E. Journal of MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowBGWH
Academic Journal1534-6013B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Advances in MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0E
Academic Journal1534-6005B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Contributions to MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0F
Academic Journal1534-6021B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Frontiers of MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0D
Academic Journal1534-5998B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Topics in MacroeconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0G
Academic Journal1935-1704B.E. Journal of Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowBGWJ
Academic Journal1534-5963B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Advances in Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0I
Academic Journal1534-5971B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Contributions to Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0J
Academic Journal1534-5955B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Frontiers of Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0H
Academic Journal1534-598XB.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Topics in Theoretical EconomicsDe GruyterYAvailable NowQ0K
Working PaperBack to Keynes?ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200503/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV8N
Working PaperBack to Kyoto? U.S. Participation & the Linkage between R&D & Climate Cooperationifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200203/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVT1
Working PaperBackward Looking Measure of the Effective Marginal Tax Burden on Investmentifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200411/30/2004YYAvailable NowAVAX
Working PaperBailing Out Expectations & Health Expenditure in Italyifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200309/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVJO
Academic Journal1406-099XBaltic Journal of EconomicsRoutledge02/01/2007YYYAvailable Now2SCA
Academic JournalBangladesh Development StudiesBangladesh Institute of Development Studies09/01/2013YYAvailable Now22IU
Working PaperBank Behavior & the Cost Channel of Monetary Transmissionifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200609/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUXU
Working PaperBank Control & the Number of Bank Relations of Japanese Firmsifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200511/30/2005YYAvailable NowAV42
Working PaperBank Fragility in Japan, 1995-2003ifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200402/28/2004YYAvailable NowAVGL
Working PaperBank Loan Supply & Monetary Policy Transmission in Germany: An Assessment Based on Matching Impulse Responsesifo Institute for Economic Research01/01/200501/31/2005YYAvailable NowAV9V
Academic Journal0005-5166Bank of England Quarterly BulletinBank of England Publications Group08/01/2002YYAvailable Now1JW
Academic Journal1105-9729Bank of Greece Economic BulletinBank of Greece, Economic Research Department10/01/2007YYY10/01/2007Available Now22IW
Working PaperBanking Permits: Economic Efficiency & Distributional Effectsifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200802/28/2008YYAvailable NowAUMP
Working PaperBanking Regulation & Prompt Corrective Actionifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200711/30/2007YYAvailable NowAUOV
Working PaperBanking Supervision in Integrated Financial Markets: Implications for the EUifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200212/31/2002YYAvailable NowAVPM
Academic Journal2239-8023Bankpedia ReviewASSONEBB12/01/2012YYAvailable NowFD11
Working PaperBankruptcy: Is it enough to Forgive or must we also Forget?ifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200805/31/2008YYAvailable NowAUJY
Working PaperBargaining & Distribution of Power in the EU's Conciliation Committeeifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200309/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVJL
Working PaperBargaining over Residential Real Estate: Evidence from Englandifo Institute for Economic Research09/01/200209/30/2002YYAvailable NowAVQJ
Working PaperBargaining Power & Equilibrium Consumptionifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200504/30/2005YYAvailable NowAV7Z
Working PaperBarter, Liquidity & Market Segmentationifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200110/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVVV
Academic Journal1932-0183Basic Income StudiesDe GruyterYAvailable Now3EAK
Working PaperBazaar Effect, Unbundling of Comparative Advantage & Migrationifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200702/28/2007YYAvailable NowAUUJ
Working PaperBehavior of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator of Dynamic Panel Data Sample Selection Modelsifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200705/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUSV
Working PaperBehavior under Social Pressure: Empty Italian Stadiums & Referee Biasifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200704/30/2007YYAvailable NowAUTR
Working PaperBehavioral Finance Model of the Exchange Rate with Many Forecasting Rulesifo Institute for Economic Research11/01/200611/30/2006YYAvailable NowAUWU
Working PaperBehavioral Impact of Emotions in a Power-to-Take Game: An Experimental Studyifo Institute for Economic Research08/01/200008/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW2Z
Working PaperBeing Independent is a Great Thing: Subjective Evaluations of Self-Employment & Hierarchyifo Institute for Economic Research06/01/200306/30/2003YYAvailable NowAVLJ
Academic Journal0361-915XBell Journal of EconomicsRAND Journal of Economics12/01/197409/30/1983YYAvailable NowHPX
Academic Journal0005-8556Bell Journal of Economics & Management ScienceRAND Journal of Economics03/01/197309/30/1974YYAvailable NowHPY
Working PaperBenefit Entitlement & the Labor Market: Evidence from a Large-Scale Policy Changeifo Institute for Economic Research04/01/200204/30/2002YYAvailable NowAVSV
Working PaperBenefits & Costs of Newer Drugs: Evidence from the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Surveyifo Institute for Economic Research12/01/200012/31/2000YYAvailable NowAW0V
Working PaperBenefits of Being Economics Professor A (& not Z)ifo Institute for Economic Research03/01/200703/31/2007YYAvailable NowAUU3
Working PaperBequests, Control Rights & Cost-Benefit Analysisifo Institute for Economic Research10/01/200110/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVW5
Working PaperBequests, Taxation & the Distribution of Wealth in a General Equilibrium Modelifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200605/31/2006YYAvailable NowAV0C
Working PaperBeyond Bentham Measuring Procedural Utilityifo Institute for Economic Research05/01/200105/31/2001YYAvailable NowAVYH
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Evidence from a Panel of 12 European Countries & Some Implications for the Reform of the Pact
ifo Institute for Economic Research02/01/200502/28/2005YYAvailable NowAV90
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