Nonfiction Core Collection

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Created by Librarians, for Librarians

Developed by collection development specialists, this database provides more than 36,000 titles—at three recommendation levels—of the most highly-recommended reference and non-fiction books for adults. Covering a wide range of topics, from health to personal finance, this collection can be used for collection development, readers’ advisory, and curriculum support.

An Impartial and Expert Aid

The online version of this collection provides more content (two additional recommendation levels, Supplemental and Archival) to aid in selection for larger libraries and subject-level collections, and includes features—such as book review citations and excerpts, book covers, advanced searching and sorting capabilities, and monthly content updates—not available in print.

Print Edition available from Grey House Publishing
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Recommended to librarians and libraries at all levels. Easy to use, economical and time-saving for librarians and paraprofessionals working on collection development.

– Booklist