Fiction Core Collection

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Develop Your Fiction Collection with Expert Recommendations

Featuring classic and contemporary works of fiction, this collection development guide provides more than 18,000 librarian-recommended titles for a general adult audience. The best authors and their most acclaimed and widely-read works in literary and popular fiction—old and new—are listed, covering genres that include mystery, science fiction, fantasy, Western and romance.

Created by Librarians, for Librarians

With titles listed at three recommendation levels, Fiction Core Collection provides entries for individual novels, as well as analytic entries for novellas and novels contained in composite works. This content can be used for collection development, readers’ advisory and curriculum support.

The online version of this collection provides more content (two additional recommendation levels, supplemental and archival) to aid in selection for larger libraries and subject-level collections. It also includes features such as book review citations and excerpts, book covers, advanced searching and sorting capabilities and monthly content updates not available in print.


Indispensable for librarians and school media specialists involved with collection development and user advisory services. Highly recommended.

– Choice