Consumer Health Information

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Comprehensive Answers to the Most-Asked Health Questions

This valuable resource offers detailed answers to the 200 most-commonly-asked health questions. Designed to support the needs of patients, these answers come in the form of evidence-based reports, which feature extensive graphical content, high-quality  illustrations, easy-to-read text (written at a 3rd- to 7th-grade reading level) and hyperlinks leading to additional full text. Consumer Health Information also offers an interactive body map that assists the user in locating full-text articles about health-related topics for all areas of the body.

Also Available in Several Different Languages 

Each language is offered as a separate database to allow for a simple, easy-to-use research experience for users where English is not their native language. Available databases include user interface screens with help, searching functionality and full text in its own particular language.

Reviewed by Medical Professionals

All of the evidence-based content included in Consumer Health Information is written by experienced medical writers and independently reviewed by medically credentialed experts. The articles in Consumer Health Information are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect the most recent information and research available.

Note: Information provided in this database should not be viewed as a means for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Advanced Search, with its elegantly laid-out tool set for crafting very precise search strategies, gives the user great control over the whole search process.

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