American History

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An excellent resource covering all the bases of American history

From the earliest explorers of the Americas to today's headlines, this resource investigates the people, events and themes of our nation's evolution.

Available in both academic and school versions, American History moves student researchers beyond the simple memorizing of names and dates toward a deeper understanding of America's fascinating, complex story including its earliest origins, westward expansion, social movements, internal conflicts, and defining moments.

A database to complement American history courses

Integrating American politics, science, culture, philosophy, and economics, this authoritative database explores the ongoing development of the United States. Aligned with major textbooks and research-driven best practices, American History offers a uniquely complete American history library collection and also serves as a dependable online resource for research-ready reference, projects and exam preparation.

Created in collaboration with scholars, educators, and librarians, American History provides students with citation information at their fingertips and a highly visual and engaging interface.


The American History website is a remarkable tool that will give learning U.S. history new appeal to young adults. Students will enjoy using it and it will give teachers the opportunity to teach U.S. history in a new and exciting format.

– American Reference Books Annual