Patient Education Reference Center Features & Functionality

Nurses and other users can quickly and easily access Patient Handouts from Patient Education Reference Center’s intuitive interface which provides basic and advanced search screens, branding options, folders and more.

Patient Education Reference Center Features and Functionality include:

Basic Search

Users can search the entire Patient Education Reference Center database by entering their topic keyword in the Find field. Patient Education Reference Center will display a Results List for that topic divided into patient handout and other categories including; all results, conditions, procedures, lab tests, discharge instructions, drugs, diets, lifestyle, news, and research summaries. View Basic Search Screen

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search screen offers keyword searching, search history, and limiters to help users focus their search. Users can limit searches by document type, full text, publication date, source and much more. View Advanced Search Screen

Branding Options

Hospitals and institutions can add their name, logo or trademark to the Patient Education Reference Center interface. These images can appear in the upper-right corner of the interface and at the bottom of select pages. View Branding Options Screen

Personalized Patient Handouts

Nurses can personalize handouts with notes for individual patients.

Search Other Services

This feature provides access to medical resources outside of Patient Education Reference Center. These resources might include other EBSCOhost databases (if available), a hospital guidelines site, a hospital formulary site or any other resource that may be beneficial to nurses. View Search Other Services Screen

Create and Share Customized Folders

Nurses can create and share customized folders to enable quick access to the most frequently needed patient education materials.

Additional Features:

  • Patient Education Reference Center handouts are provided in English and Spanish with an optional upgrade that includes handouts in 15 additional languages
  • Material is written at a 3rd – 7th grade reading level
  • Easy integration with any EMR system for direct access from patient records
  • All content is reviewed and updated on a regular basis through a rigorous systematic surveillance of available literature & editorial processes
  • Patient Education Reference Center content can also be accessed via the Nursing Reference Center Plus interface for organizations subscribing to both resources

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