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Nurses can provide their patients with evidence-based patient handouts covering a wide-range of topics. Patient Education Reference Center handouts are customizable, easy-to-read, include illustrations, and are structured to enhance patient knowledge and understanding of material. Patient Education Reference Center handouts are provided in English and Spanish with an optional upgrade that includes handouts in 15 additional languages. 

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Patient Education Reference Center provides nurses with the following patient handout categories:

Diseases & Conditions Patient Handouts

Patient Education Reference Center provides more than 4,000 patient handouts on common and chronic diseases and conditions. Patient handouts include detailed medical illustrations.

Procedures & Lab Tests Patient Handouts

From common vaccinations to the most complex surgical procedures, Patient Education Reference Center includes more than 750 handouts covering a wide range of procedures and lab tests.

Wellness & Prevention Patient Handouts

These handouts provide information that will aid patients in the care/recovery process and help them live a healthier life. Patient Education Reference Center contains more than 2,800 lifestyle and wellness topics.

Patient-Friendly Drug Information Handouts

Provide patients with the most up-to-date drug information. Patient Education Reference Center contains handouts covering over 1,600 unique drugs searchable by more than 8,000 brand and generic names.

Discharge Instructions Handouts

Ensure that patients have all of the information that they need to continue the care process at home. Patient Education Reference Center offers discharge and home care information for more than 1,100 related topics.



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