Nursing Reference Center Features and Functionality

Nurses and other users can quickly and easily access the precise information they are looking for with Nursing Reference Center’s intuitive interface which provides basic and advanced search options, search limiters, branding options, personal folders and more. NRC Features and Functionality include:

Basic Search

Users can search the entire Nursing Reference Center database by entering their topic keyword in the Find field. NRC will display a Results List for that topic divided into categories including; all results, quick lessons, skills, evidence-based care sheets, cultural competencies, drugs, patient education, guidelines, CE, journals books, legal cases and more. View Basic Search Screen

Advanced Search

Users can launch a CINAHL-type search, and limit searches by document type, full text, publication date or source. The advanced search also allows users to browse CINAHL Headings or Indexes and other EBSCOhost databases that the institution subscribes to. View Advanced Search Screen

Nursing Process Limiters

Users can search the database using the standard nursing process ADPIE (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation). Nursing Process Limiters are used to clarify a search in NRC and help users quickly locate the information they are looking for. View Nursing Process Limiters Screen

Branding Options

An institution's name, logo or trademark can be added to the interface. These images can appear in the upper-right corner of the interface or can also be located at the bottom of select pages. View Branding Options Screen

Search Other Services

This feature provides access to medical resources outside of Nursing Reference Center. These resources might include other EBSCOhost databases (if available), a hospital guidelines site, a hospital formulary site or any other resource that may be beneficial to nurses. View Search Other Services Screen

Personalized Department-Specific Folders

Nurses can create personal or department-specific folders to store search results, persistent links to articles, images, saved searches, alerts, patient education packets and Web pages to pull in the latest information needed on the floor. View Folders

Mobile Access

Whether in a clinical setting or on the go, Nursing Reference Center provides nurses with quick and easy access to the most current nursing information. Best of all, nurses can access all of this content online from the most popular mobile devices with a freely downloadable App. The Nursing Reference Center App offers nurses the ability to access Nursing Reference Center content offline, including information about diseases and conditions, evidence-based care sheets, nursing skills and checklists, as well as drug information.

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