Nursing Reference Center Plus Features and Functionality

Easy to Use Interface

The Nursing Reference Center Plus interface makes it easy for nurses to find the information they need. View Easy to use Interface Screen

Robust Search Results

Get the most relevant search results every time. View Robust search results Screen


Nurses can be alerted every time a topic is updated with new information. View Alerting Screen

Localized Notes

Add notes that are relevant to your hospital’s nursing best practices processes. View Localized Notes Screen

Custom Branding

Add your hospital name, logo or trademark to the Nursing Reference Center Plus interface. View Branding Options Screen

Personalized Department-Specific Folders

Nurses can create personal or department-specific folders to store search results, persistent links to articles, images, saved searches, alerts, patient education packets and Web pages to pull in the latest information needed on the floor. View Folders

EMR Integration

A link to Nursing Reference Center Plus can be configured to allow quick access from the EMR tool bar. When the link is clicked, the embedded authentication information is passed via URL and opens a new window to the main page in NRC Plus. View EMR Integration Screen

Learning Management System Integration

Access Nursing Reference Center Plus from your Learning Management System. View Learning Management System Integration Screen

Order Sets Integration

Access Nursing Reference Center Plus from your order sets tool. View Order Sets Integration Screen

Content-Specific Landing Pages

Landing pages for diseases, skills, drugs, nursing management, continuing education, patient education, and references to help nurses to find what they need quickly and easily. View Content-specific landing pages Screen


Easy access from mobile devices. View Mobile Screen


Easily access nursing e-books. View E-books Screen

Search Other Services

This feature provides access to medical resources outside of Nursing Reference Center Plus. These resources might include other EBSCOhost databases (if available), a hospital guidelines site, a hospital formulary site or any other resource that may be beneficial to nurses. View Search Other Services Screen

Other EBSCO Sites +