Nursing Reference Center Plus


Videos, Care Plans, Core Measure Topics and More

Nursing Reference Center Plus™  is an evidence-based information resource designed specifically for nurses. With Nursing Reference Center Plus™, you get all the content in Nursing Reference Center and much more including videos, images and new topics covering nursing management and leadership.

Nursing Reference Center Plus Supports Education Initiatives

Nursing Reference Center Plus™ is committed to educating nurses about evidence-based medicine and nursing best practices. As a part of that effort, Nursing Reference Center Plus™ focuses on ensuring that staff nurses, nurse educators, recent nursing graduates, and nursing students have quick and easy access to the most current information to provide the best care possible to their patients.  

Nursing Reference Center Plus™ provides staff nurses and nurse educators with a resource that supports education goals, encourages nursing students to access the original research, and provides options for patient care while preserving and supporting the essential learning opportunities that educators want to provide.

Top 10 reasons to choose Nursing Reference Center Plus

  1. Promote evidence-based nursing practice
  2. Offer continuing education courses
  3. Achieve Magnet Status
  4. Meet regulatory requirements
  5. Enable easy access to nursing care plans
  6. Offer videos and images that demonstrate procedures
  7. Provide the ability to add local notes
  8. Make it easy to read the latest nursing eBooks
  9. Enable nurses to be alerted when important information changes
  10. Give nurse leaders information on management and leadership best practices

Content Includes:

  • Core Measures Topics
  • Nursing Care Plans
  • Nursing Management & Leadership Topics
  • Regulatory & Risk Management Topics
  • Nursing Skills Checklists
  • Videos & Images
  • Continuing Education Modules
  • Easy Access to Patient Education Handouts
  • Nursing Reference Books

Additional Materials: