DynaMed Training

The following training and support material can help you train your staff on DynaMed Plus:


DynaMed Plus (Flash) 

Promotional Kit

DynaMed Promotional Kit (All Products)

Promotional Graphics

Access Promotional Graphics

On-Demand Training

Your nursing staff and administrators can access scheduled live training sessions as well as pre-recorded training sessions availible 24/7 on the EBSCO Training Center.

Access the EBSCO Training Center

Contact EBSCO Information Services Support 

Email: support@ebsco.com

Phone: Monday - Friday 24-hour support | Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)

  • U.S. / Canada (800) 758-5995
  • Outside U.S. / Canada (int’l access code) + 800 3272-6000

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