Streamlines Workflow

Resources Save Time and Help Nurses Work More Efficiently

EBSCO Health’s nursing resources allow nurses to spend more time with patients and less time at the computer.  These valuable resources can streamline workflow at the point-of-care, improve teamwork, provide material for efficient nursing research, and help nurse managers track staff proficiency and provide standardized procedures.

  • Streamline Workflow at the Point-of-Care
    EBSCO Health’s nursing databases can be integrated into your hospital’s EMR system, or intranet, to allow nurses quick access to evidence-based summaries that map to the nursing workflow, drug information, and customizable patient handouts while working in the patient’s electronic medical record.
  • Improve Teamwork
    Nurses can work as a team and create department-specific folders to store search results, persistent links to articles, images, alerts, information needed on the floor and customized education packets.
  • Provide Material for Efficient Nursing Research
    Streamline nursing research by providing your nursing staff or nursing students with easy access to an immense amount of authoritative information including top medical journals, evidence-based summaries of diseases and conditions, drug information, the latest medical updates and much more. Nurses can cite sources and create links to information.
  • Help Nurse Managers Track Proficiency
    Nurse managers can track their nursing staff’s proficiency in skills and procedures with Skill Competency Checklists, provide their staff with standardized procedures, and feel confident that nurses are referring the best-available evidence to prevent Never Events and improve quality outcomes.

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