Integrates with EMRs

Direct Access to Evidence-Based Resources from Your Hospital’s EMR System

EBSCO Health’s point-of-care resources can be integrated with your hospital’s electronic medical records system (EMR), or other medical software systems, to streamline workflow and make it easy for nurses to access resources including evidence-based overviews of diseases and conditions, drug information and patient handouts while viewing a patient’s record at the point-of-care.

EBSCO’s Nursing Resources Add Value and can Improve Quality Outcomes

Adding evidence-based resources including Nursing Reference Center Plus, Patient Education Reference Center, and DynaMed Plus to your hospital’s EMR system adds tremendous value and provides information that can help reduce medical errors and Never Events, and increase quality outcomes. Your nursing staff will appreciate the support materials and patients will receive higher-quality care.

Content can be Integrated with Most EMR Systems

EBSCO Health’s medical content can be integrated with most EMR / EHR systems, intranets, and other medical software systems including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, Eclipsys, GE, McKesson, MEDITECH, and many others. Content can be accessed from EMRs in a variety of ways, and options will vary according to the system being used. Integration options require configuration by the institution’s EMR system administrator or IT department.

Provides Multiple Integration Options

Hospitals can integrate content with EMR systems in the following ways:

  • Add a Referential Link
    Hospitals can add a link from their EMR system directly to the resources contained in Nursing Reference Center Plus, PERC and DynaMed Plus.  Links can be displayed as an icon or a menu option on the EMR tool bar. This option is the quickest and easiest way to integrate content into your EMR system.
  • Provide an HL7 Infobutton
    EBSCO Health’s content can also be accessed from an EMR system via Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval (Infobutton). This option provides a standard mechanism for EMR systems to submit terms for searches to EBSCO databases.
  • Configure Access with EBSCO Health’s Web Service API
    EBSCO Health’s nursing resources can be delivered via a real-time web service. Hospitals can use style sheets to allow content to be delivered with a customized look and feel.
  • Access Content via Contextual Search
    Content contained in DynaMed Plus can be accessed via the options described above, as well as through contextual search which allows users to click in specific areas of a patient record and pull up information from DynaMed Plus regarding that topic. Contextual search is possible in many EMR systems, and other medical IT applications, including MEDITECH and Epic.

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