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Training For Users

Drag and Drop Editor
LibraryAware has launched the new drag and drop editor. This session will teach you how to use it to make flyers, posters, book display signs, and end-cap flyers.

View a recording of the Drag and Drop Editor training.

For more information on the Drag and Drop Editor, see the LibraryAware help page.

Create Amazing Emails

E-blasts and e-newsletters are a great way to reach your patrons. But what makes not just a good e-mail, but an AMAZING e-mail? We have a lot to share so we broke it into two sessions. In Part One, you’ll learn the elements of an effective email design, email strategies to engage your readers, and examples of how other libraries are using LibraryAware emails to reach customers. Then in Part Two, we’ll take you into LibraryAware to show you step-by-step how to create your own amazing e-mails. 
Recorded archive: Part One and Part Two

Bookmarks 101
See how easy it is to get started with bookmarks. Session Includes: how to add content and images to bookmarks, changing colors and fonts, and how to pull in book lists from NextReads newsletters.
Recorded archive

Book Flyer Basics
Got books? We thought so. Learn how to turn your reading recommendations into enticing promotions that will grab readers. We’ll cover book display signage, reading maps, end cap signage, and “like, try, whys.”
Recorded archive

LibraryAware Admin
Targets new LibraryAware Administrators. Session includes: branding, roles, subscribers, e-resources, social media, overview of NextReads.
Recorded archive

NextReads Newsletters
An introduction to NextReads newsletters.  You will learn how to edit, customize, and promote your newsletters.  Includes tips on how to use NextReads content in promotions and in newsletter widgets.
View online tutorials | Recorded archive

Newsletter Builder **for Corporate Customers**
For our corporate customers to learn how to use the Newsletter Builder, an e-newsletter that works seamlessly with EBSCO databases. This session demonstrates how to pull content from EBSCO databases, customize content, highlight library resources and establish distribution lists. To arrange for a one-on-one training session please email
Recorded archive

Using Social Media in LibraryAware
For customers interested in using social media options in LibraryAware. Session includes:  facebook, twitter, Pinterest, widgets, and emails for promotions.
Recorded archive

Tuesday Tune-ups
This regular session highlights a different topic each week. Come get inspired!

Previously recorded:
Ban Boring Bookmarks! (5/17/16)
3 Layer Flyer Makeover (3/29/16)
5 Design Mistakes to Avoid (3/22/16)
Widgets (1/12/16)
Opacity on images (1/5/16)

Training on Special Topics

Hooray for Apps
Have you been thinking about incorporating apps into children’s programs at your library but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re skeptical about the role of librarians in the app world. Or perhaps the whole issue just feels overwhelming and controversial and every time someone says “apps” you want to hide under the reference desk?  Join us to hear Carissa Christner, youth services librarian from Madison, Wisconsin, address these concerns and tell you about some fantastic new resources she’s created in LibraryAware to help you become a media mentor.
PowerPoint Presentation | Recorded archive

How to Increase your NextReads Newsletters Subscribers
Do you love your NextReads Newsletters, but wish you had more subscribers? Join LibraryAware Product Manager Nancy Dowd to learn about some easy marketing strategies that will help you leverage the recent changes in NextReads to ignite new interest from your readers.
Recorded archive

Library Newsletters Made Easy(ier)
Looking for strategies to help your library get the word out? Nancy Dowd, LibraryAware Product Manager and co-author of Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for Overworked Librarians, presents a session on making your library newsletter work harder for you. Using examples from successful libraries, she shares insights and takeaways you can use to invigorate your email newsletters.
Recorded archive and presentation resources

LibraryAware: Social Media Strategies to Promote Your Events and Collections
LibraryAware's Product Manager Nancy Dowd shows you how to use LibraryAware to unleash the power of social media to promote your events and collections.
Recorded archive

Making $ense: Financial Storytime for Preschoolers
Storytime is the perfect avenue to introduce financial basics in a fun, exciting and relatable way. Christy Fisher, Youth Services Librarian for Wake County Public Libraries, presents about her experience with the PNC Grow Up Great Grant, and walks you through the basics of planning a successful financial storytime. We also show you the new ready-to-go LibraryAware templates we’re working on that will make it super easy for you to promote your new financial storytime program.
Recorded archive

Using LibraryAware to Promote Your Cooking Programs and Collections
LibraryAware’s Product Manager Nancy Dowd and Designer Kathleen Moore show how you can use LibraryAware to promote your cooking programs and collections to users and non-users. We've created some amazing ready-to-go templates for in-house, social media and web marketing strategies.
Recorded archive

Create Summer Reading Promotions with LibraryAware
Whether you are using materials from the Collaborative Summer Library Program or starting from scratch, LibraryAware can save you time and help you get great results for your summer reading promotions. 
Recorded archive

How to Create Branding Blocks in LibraryAware that Pop
Need to create specialized branding?
Recorded archive
Note: This session mentions an example that you can download: branding example 1

How to Create Extraordinary Email Headers and Footers in LibraryAware
Get a custom look in your headers and footers.
Recorded archive
Note: This session mentions three examples that you can download: example 1 | example 2 | example 3

"Looking for Love" with Romance Readers - Recorded archive from 1/12/15: Part One and Part Two

RA Programming for Kids - Recorded archive from 1/13/15: Part One and Part Two


Note: these training sessions and materials are for current subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? Request a custom demo.

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