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Professional Development by NoveList

NoveList experts are available

Need to step up your game? Let us help train your staff. 

Your staff is your library’s most valuable resource, and ongoing professional development keeps their skills sharp and relevant. We can help build the confidence and capacity they need to represent your library more effectively to readers, whether it’s at the desk, in the stacks, or through book displays, newsletters, and social media.  

NoveList has been working to help connect books, readers, and libraries for more than 20 years. Our experts have extensive library experience, so they know and understand the challenges your staff face. Instructors will work directly with your staff to guide them in developing effective strategies and exciting ideas for inspiring your community of readers.  

Basic courses: 

Readers’ advisory foundations

Is some of your staff new to readers’ advisory? Do you want help getting staff at all levels ready to excel at connecting readers with books? This course is just what your library needs. An expert from NoveList will get staff on an even footing in their understanding of readers’ advisory, share strategies for working with readers, and teach the foundational principles for providing excellent readers’ advisory service. Participants will be introduced to important concepts like the history and philosophy of readers’ advisory, the basics of the readers’ advisory conversation, the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in readers’ advisory service, and learning the broad basics of appeal and other NoveList story elements. 

This course is recommended as a two-hour session.  

Example learning outcomes include:  

  • Identifying effective strategies for talking with readers, including using reader-friendly language.  
  • Understanding the concepts of appeal, genre, and themes, and how they can be used in readers’ advisory services.  
  • Applying the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion to readers’ advisory services.  
  • Valuing readers’ advisory as a critical service that fosters the overall library mission.  

Marketing foundations

Do you want your staff to better understand how to grow your circulation and programming numbers in an effective way? Do you or your staff find the idea of marketing overwhelming? Learn how to create a marketing strategy customized to your library using proven practices that get measurable results. You and your staff will leave with a plan to increase circulation, promote events and services, as well as create brand awareness and library loyalty through goal-based, measurable library promotions.  

This course is recommended as a four-hour session and can be broken up into sections for easier remote learning. A deep-dive course is also available.

Example learning outcomes include: 

  • Marketing your library with website and social media. 
  • Measuring and analyzing key metrics. 
  • Using data to improve results. 

Also ask us about: 

Genre foundations`

Do you want to help your staff have a basic understanding of a broad range of the most popular and challenging fiction genres? An expert from NoveList will introduce participants to many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mysteries and thrillers, romance, horror, Christian fiction, mainstream/literary fiction, and historical fiction. Participants will get an overview of current genre trends for adults and teens, tips to keep up with various genres, and titles to know, with an emphasis on diverse titles and authors.  

Understanding The Secret Language of Books

Whether your readers love a steamy marriage of convenience romance or can’t get enough of thought-provoking first contact stories, participants will learn how to supercharge their readers’ advisory skills by gaining a thorough understanding of genre, appeal, and theme terms and how they can be used to help readers. 

Beyond book displays

Do you need some fresh strategies for providing readers’ advisory displays both in-person and virtually? Get inspired with ideas for connecting with readers through form-based readers’ advisory, social media initiatives, personalized services, and more.  

Create effective e-newsletters  

Want to create an e-newsletter that can improve circ stats, increase program attendance, and shore up support at budget time? Or maybe an engaging book newsletter that promotes your staff expertise? We’ll share from our extensive experience with e-newsletters along with best practices to help you create an effective e-newsletter (or two!) customized to your community.  

Telling your library story

Raising awareness and garnering stakeholder support of libraries is particularly challenging right now. Whether you’re concerned about budget cuts, seeking additional funding, or want to remain relevant especially while your services are limited, an advocacy plan is essential. Let a NoveList expert guide you in developing, implementing, and measuring an effective strategy for telling your library’s story in a way that’s sustainable and tailored to your library’s specific needs. 

Interested in learning more? 

Contact us to discuss your library’s needs. We’ll put together a plan that is right for you. Fees are dependent on the number of hours of training provided and topics requested. Additional services can also be customized to your needs, so please ask about other ways we can help you. Email to get started.