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NoveList Select for Linked Data

WATCH & LISTEN Thinking about investing in linked data? Listen to this customer's reasons: Julie Walker on Georgia's investment in linked data



Where are your patrons? Browsing the web! When people in your community search for the latest bestseller on the web, is your library one of the search results? Probably not, because most library records are hidden from the web. Linked data changes that.

Once you have linked data in place, NoveList Select for Linked Data enriches that data. No linked data yet? Learn more about our Linked Library Service.

NoveList Select for Linked Data is an enrichment service that uses NoveList’s read-alike recommendations, appeal factors, and other reader information -- all of it linking directly to your library catalog. This enrichment adds at least 2-10x more data access points to your linked data. Which simply means more visibility. Check out some of the benefits your library can expect from linked data.

See some examples

Click through to see before-and-after examples of linked data pages:

A is for Alibi basic title page enriched title page
Diary of a Wimpy Kid basic title page enriched title page
JK Rowling basic author data page enriched author data page
Kinsey Millhone mysteries basic series page enriched series page

Want to learn more?

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