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NoveList Select for EnvisionWare Self-checkout

EnvisionWare OneStopOffer reading recommendations to everyone who checks out their own books using EnvisionWare software.

Personalize the self-checkout experience

NoveList Select for EnvisionWare Self-Checkout delivers a guided user experience that patrons have come to expect from an online solution, combined with the ease of use and flexibility of EnvisionWare’s self-service interface. The result is a more modern and enriched user experience, exposing more of the library catalog to patrons and making the collection more accessible.

Make it easy to discover the next “must read”

Offering reading recommendations during self-checkout makes it quicker and easier for busy patrons to discover the next “must read” from your library. This solution personalizes the library experience and keeps your patrons engaged and connected with the collection. Readers can print or email recommendations on their receipt during self-checkout, keeping the title top of mind for the next library visit.

Provide one stop for patron self-service

EnvisionWare’s OneStop™ software provides an intuitive self-service checkout experience, combined with the flexibility to use your existing hardware or choose from our line of desktop and kiosk solutions. This customizable software integrates with EnvisionWare’s computer and print management and self-service payment solutions, in addition to NoveList, providing an easy-to-use “one stop” solution for patron self-service and readers advisory.


To learn more about NoveList Select for EnvisionWare Self-checkout, contact your local EnvisionWare representative.