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NoveList Select for bibliotheca selfCheck

NoveList Book Recommendations on Your Library Checkout Screen

Are you looking for ways to expand your readers’ advisory reach beyond the reference desk? Now you can offer reading recommendations to every single person who checks out their own books, thanks to our partnership with bibliotheca.

Give them a reason to come back

Adding recommended reads to the selfCheck increases library discovery, circulation and overall usage.  This valuable opportunity turns a single checkout transaction into an opportunity for future interaction by encouraging readers to return to the library for additional titles.

Add convenience for your users

Adding NoveList reading recommendations to bibliotheca selfCheck stations shows that the library is more than just a book delivery service - it is a book discovery service as well. Now you can easily reach those "drive-by readers" who are only in the library for a brief time and may not have the time to chat with staff about additional reading materials that would interest them.

Relevant Choices

Relevant Recommendations

As users check out library materials at the selfCheck, they receive similar recommendations to the items they are borrowing. This allows them to discover hidden gems in your collection that are intriguing and align with their reading preferences.


Convenient Options

Print, Hold or Email Recommendations

From quickConnect™, users can easily place recommended titles on hold, print the details on their receipt, or email themselves the information to save for later.


High Quality

Books Recommendations from Readers' Advisory Experts

NoveList's recommendations are high quality from people you can trust. Learn more about our recommendations.

“The self-checkout kiosk is typically the last interaction the patron has with the library before leaving, so it’s important to us to take advantage of those moments and leave a lasting impression.”
--Carolyn Anthony, former director of the Skokie Public Library

Get more information

Learn more about bibliotheca’s entire self-service solution. By working directly with the bibliotheca team, you can easily add reading recommendations by NoveList to any selfCheck running quickConnect without the need to have two separate contracts.