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NoveList Select Features

NoveList Select is there with recommendations when your readers are searching in the catalog – in other words when they need it most.

This page includes the features that are part of a basic subscription. You can also add upgrades.

Base Features

Example catalog record enriched with NoveList Select1| Titles in the series
For fans of series, reading order is essential, but it's not always easy to find series information. NoveList Select displays all the titles in each series, in reading order, in your catalog.

2| Read-alikes
NoveList Select helps you find “more like this” – more series, more titles, and more authors -- while searching in the catalog. Learn more about how NoveList creates recommendations. These read-alike recommendations can be limited to titles held in your collection.

3| On The Shelf
Let patrons and staff know – in real time – whether a recommended title is available in your library. Learn more about On The Shelf.

4| Appeals
With this feature, you can see a list of appeal terms associated with the book, plus a list of suggested titles with that same appeal. Even better – the suggested titles are all from your own collection. This increases exposure to your library’s collection and helps readers find books just right for them.

5| Reader reviews from Goodreads
Combine the expert recommendations from NoveList with the reader reviews from Goodreads and you have a terrific combination. NoveList Select pulls both into your catalog, where they are right at readers’ fingertips. Note: you can choose to add professional reviews too.

6| E-Resource recommendations
Helps patrons know about your valuable databases! NoveList Select includes links to databases on similar topics. Learn more about e-resource recommendations.

7| Lists & articles
Looking for more book ideas? We include links to "extras" such as Book Discussion Guides, Book Display Ideas, and Awards lists.

8| Reading level
NoveList Select displays Lexile reading levels for juvenile titles, plus a list of suggested titles with the same Lexile range. Even better – the suggested titles are all from your own collection. This feature helps younger readers find just the right book.

9| Related newsletters
Wouldn't it be great to let your mystery readers know about your mystery newsletter? Try cross-promoting your related NextReads newsletters inside your catalog. Available only for LibraryAware subscribers.

10| Related promotions
Be sure that patrons see your latest flyers and other promotional items by putting them everywhere, including the catalog. Available only for LibraryAware subscribers.

11| Related library events
Display related events to let your patrons know about events happening in your library. This feature is currently available only for Evanced Events customers.

There are even more features available as options/upgrades!


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