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NoveList Select for Catalog: Features

NoveList Select for Catalog is there with recommendations when your readers are searching in the catalog—in other words when they need it most.

Base features

Example catalog record enriched with NoveList SelectTitles in the series
Displays all the titles in each series, in reading order

Learn more about how NoveList creates read-alike recommendations

On The Shelf
Real time availability of items. Learn more about On The Shelf.

Story elements
NoveList's story elements include appeal terms, themes, and genre. Together, they make up the difference aspects of a book that capture a reader's attention.

Reviews from readers
Reader reviews from Goodreads

Accelerated Reader
See a title's AR level and browse by similar AR levels.

Lexile Measure
See a title's Lexile measure and browse for other titles in this Lexile range.

E-Resource recommendations
Pointing patrons to databases on similar topics. Learn more about e-resource recommendations.

Lists & articles
Links to "extras" such as Book Discussion Guides, Feature Articles, and Awards lists

Reading level
Lexile reading levels

Related newsletters
Show your related NextReads newsletters inside your catalog—available for LibraryAware subscribers

Related promotions
Your latest flyers and other promotional items—available for LibraryAware subscribers

Related library events
Display related events—available for Evanced Events customers

Usage Statistics
With the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard you can see metrics of user views and clicks of NoveList Select content.

Optional upgrade options

The features below require an additional purchase (choose your options on the custom quote form). They may not be available for all ILS systems.

  1. Author bios
  2. Book excerpts
  3. Book jackets and cover images
  4. Summaries
  5. Table of contents
  6. Professional reviews: Book News
  7. Professional reviews: Booklist
  8. Professional reviews: Choice
  9. Professional reviews: Criticas
  10. Professional reviews: E-Streams
  11. Professional reviews: ForeWard Magazine
  12. Professional reviews: Horn Book Guide
  13. Professional reviews: Horn Book Magazine
  14. Professional reviews: Kirkus
  15. Professional reviews: Library Journal
  16. Professional reviews: Publishers Weekly
  17. Professional reviews: PW Annex
  18. Professional reviews: School Library Journal
  19. Professional reviews: Voice of Youth Advocates


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