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NoveList Select for Catalog: FAQ

Will NoveList Select work with my catalog/ILS?

Yes! Please see the list of ILS systems with which NoveList Select is already integrated. If yours is not on the list, let us know and we can work with you and your vendor to make it happen.

Where do the recommendations come from?

Recommendations come from our book experts and professional librarians who understand readers' advisory. For more details of how NoveList makes recommendations, see How We Do Recommendations.

Can we display only recommendations for titles our library already owns?

Yes, you can choose to filter the title recommendations in NoveList Select for titles your library owns. Some libraries prefer to filter, while others do not. We can walk you through the options at set-up. Please contact for assistance.

Can we link into our catalog rather than going to an external site?

Yes, the recommendation links point to records in your own catalog.

How long does it take to set up NoveList Select in our catalog?

About 7-10 days -- read more about the NoveList Select Setup Process.

Can I get usage statistics?

Statistics are available from the NoveList Select Analytics Dashboard. See our help page for a list of the data available. Please send an email to to request access.