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NoveList Plus FAQ

What is the difference between NoveList and NoveList Plus?

In short, NoveList Plus is the most comprehensive of our databases, covering fiction and nonfiction for all ages. Regular NoveList just covers fiction titles. Read more about the differences.

What is the difference between NoveList and NoveList K-8?

NoveList Plus covers titles for all ages. NoveList K-8 Plus is specifically targeted for younger readers. Read more about NoveList K-8 Plus.

Does NoveList Plus include Canadian books and authors?

Yes, we make a special effort to cover Canadian books and authors. Read more about our Canadian content.

How much does NoveList Plus cost?

The cost is based on the population served for your library. Submit a request for a custom quote for your library

Is there a mobile app for NoveList Plus?

Access to NoveList Plus is available through a mobile interface. Some of our partners (including Boopsie and Hybrid Forge) have integrated NoveList into their mobile apps, so if you are a library with a mobile app from one of those vendors, you can easily add NoveList to the app. We would love to hear ideas from you about what you want in a mobile app.