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NoveList K-8 Plus FAQ

What is the difference between NoveList K-8 and NoveList K-8 Plus?

In short, NoveList K-8 Plus includes both fiction and nonfiction, while regular NoveList K-8 only includes fiction titles. Read more about the differences.

What is the difference between NoveList K-8 and NoveList?

NoveList K-8 is specifically targeted for younger readers, while NoveList is for all ages. Read more about NoveList Plus.

Does NoveList K-8 Plus include Canadian books and authors?

Yes, we make a special effort to cover Canadian books and authors. Read more about our Canadian content.

How much does NoveList K-8 Plus cost?

The cost is based on the population served for your library. Submit a request for a custom quote for your library

Is there a mobile app for NoveList K-8 Plus?

Access to NoveList K-8 Plus is available through a mobile interface. Some of our partners (including Boopsie and Hybrid Forge) have integrated NoveList into their mobile apps, so if you are a library with a mobile app from one of those vendors, you can easily add NoveList to the app. We would love to hear ideas from you about what you want in a mobile app.