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Linked Library Service

Linked Library Service + Enrichment

NoveList is partnering with Zepheira to offer you a solution called the Linked Library Service. With linked data, your collections become visible (and discoverable) on the web. You’ll be able to reach both users and non-users who are searching in their favorite search engine.

What is the Linked Library Service?

The Linked Library Service transforms your existing library data into linked data formats and publishes it to the network.The end result is that search engines can "see" your libraries resources and show them in search results.


You can choose to further enrich your library’s linked data with NoveList Select for Linked Data. This enrichment uses NoveList’s read-alike recommendations, appeal factors, and other reader information -- all of it linking directly to your library catalog. This enrichment adds 2-10x more data access points to your linked data. Which simply means more visibility.

Want to Learn More?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this recorded webcast Getting Your Library Visible on the Web.

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Thinking about investing in linked data? Listen to this customer's reasons: Julie Walker on Georgia's investment in linked data


Why I love it

“Linked data is having an impact in communities like Denver, where the library is receiving 10,000 referrals each month from their linked data. That’s 10,000 users every month who have found the library relevant enough to click on the link that takes them to the library’s catalog.”
— Duncan Smith, Co-Founder, NoveList

"When you begin with libraries’ already impressive catalog data and amplify it with the relevance and connections of NoveList, public libraries deliver a new standard for practical, connected and structured data on the Web.”
— Eric Miller, President, Zepheira

"The web is simply better when libraries participate.”
— Jeff Penka, Zepheira