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Linked data for directors

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What's your library's story? Are you sure that your patrons (and potential patrons) know about the great materials, collections and services your library provides?

Librarianship has a rich history of taking service to where the people are—through traditional and innovative methods of outreach or reinventing a closed big box store as a library. Research tells us that 87.5% of U.S. residents use the Internet. So when they’re searching for something your library has available, are you there, at their point of need?

Join other forward-thinking libraries as they build these new digital points of service in the Library.Link Network. Web visibility isn’t serendipity—your library's data has to be both present on the web and structured in a way that web crawlers can ingest the data. Web visibility is linked data, and it's a powerful way to reach many more users.

How does this work? The Linked Library Service transforms your library's MARC records into structured formats that link separate data points to illuminate relationships. For example, your library's catalog might not have a 'persons' page for Neil Gaiman. But data about Neil Gaiman might offer 250 access points – 250 ways that a user might connect from Neil Gaiman to the library. That's the power of linked data.

This structured data allows for ingestion by data crawlers. And as part of the network, your library and other Library.Link members collectively influence the web conversation, leveraging linked data to drive patrons searching on the web from the web to your library.

That's just the short-term benefit. Long-term, your data will influence the web to provide answers. As algorithms begin to understand the questions people have that library resources can answer, the results page will change in ways we can't begin to envision. That's also the power of linked data.

Add NoveList Select for Linked Data and the number of data access points increases dramatically – adding at least 2-10x more. The digital branch you've invested in becomes more effective, working to increase the ROI of your collections, services and resources.

Want to know more? Read more about Linked Library Service and check out the Five Things Your Library Needs to Know About Linked Data. Then schedule an individual demo or request a custom quote.