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Examples of Libraries Using LibraryAware

Want to know what kinds of cool things libraries have been doing with LibraryAware? These examples are an inspiration for some of what's possible!

Custom newsletters
These libraries created their own fantastic newsletters.

Book lists (html)
A slight creative twist -- these are newsletters-turned-html-book-lists. Made in LibraryAware and then embedded in the web page.

Custom opt-in pages
These libraries customized their opt-in pages, giving them a more personal touch!

Custom headers for NextReads
We provide a standard header for NextReads newsletters, but these libraries have gone a step further and created custom headers.


Website widgets
Sometimes called image carousels, these widgets are often on the home page, but can go just about anywhere on a website.

Book widgets (a.k.a book rivers, or book carousels)
Whatever you call them, these scrollable book widgets are created in LibraryAware and embedded on the library website.

Custom widgets/book rivers
These libraries used LibraryAware to create their widget, then did extra design work when they added it to their site.

Program promotions
Promoting your programs is easy with all of the templates available in LibraryAware - just plug in the event info and go!

Readers' advisory materials



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