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Introducing Audiobook Recommendations


Search for Listen-alikes

Exclusively available in NoveList Plus. The same expertise that NoveList has always used to recommend print books is now applied to audiobooks. Just like our signature read-alikes, listen-alikes guide you to audiobook titles that are similar to those that you already know and enjoy. Learn about how NoveList makes recommendations.

Discover audiobooks for every listener

Previews and Reviews

Preview the audio sample to be sure that you’ll enjoy the audiobook. And then read both professional and reader reviews to see what other listeners thought. We partnered with Audiofile to bring you the best audio reviews in the industry. Curious about the sound samples? Here are a couple of examples: Heft or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Listen to audiobook previews

Find the Right Format

A big challenge with audiobooks is knowing if the one you want is available, in the format you need. We can help with that. Search in NoveList for audiobooks on CD, MP3, Playaway, and more.

Find Just the Right Kind of Sound

Love listening to a full cast of characters? Or do you prefer a single, strong voice? Maybe you like books read by the author? Our audio appeal language will help you target the right audiobooks for you. Learn more about appeal language.

Audio characteristics appeal


Ready for Audiobook Recommendations in Your Library?

Audiobooks are exclusively available in NoveList Plus (learn about the difference between NoveList and NoveList Plus). Come to a product demonstration to learn more.

If your library wants to purchase or upgrade, let us know and we'll send you some information.

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