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Better Book Discovery with New Browse Features in NoveList

Posted June 30, 2015

You’ve always been able to search NoveList for great reading recommendations, but with the addition of two major new features, it is easier than ever to browse. These additional features help readers discover books that match their personal reading style.

Browse by genre

Maybe you’re someone who reads all the Historical Mysteries out there and you want to check out some other kinds of mysteries. Or maybe you just want to see what’s new and forthcoming in Romances. These new pages are the perfect solution! Organized by popular genres and full of visually-appealing book carousels, they encourage exploration.

Browse by genre

Browse by appeal

If you really enjoy books with a certain ‘feel’ or ‘mood’, then browsing by appeal is for you. Appeals are a signature feature of NoveList – read more about them. Our release includes an appeal mixer that allows you to custom-blend appeal terms for just the right mood. We also added a few suggested combinations on the page to inspire you.

Browse by appeal

Quick access and answers

You might also notice that the top menu bar is different. We redesigned it to give you quick access to the new features above, as well as other popular pages. We also added a new ‘How Do I…?” menu that offers quick answers to common questions.

When will this be available?

Current customers can expect to see these changes rollout on July 29, 2015. These new features will be available in all four versions, including NoveList Plus, NoveList, NoveList K-8, and NoveList K-8 Plus.

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