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Steal this idea: Connecting with linked lists

With linked data, libraries now have the power to reach readers, patrons, and potential patrons in ways they never could before. Libraries are posting their data to their programming calendars, their suggested reading pages, and their research guides. If you're looking at all the possibilities linked data has opened for you and wondering where to start, NoveList has suggestions.

Whether you choose to do one of these suggestions—or all of them—your efforts will have an impact on getting libraries visible online, where they can be more relevant to the people who need them.

Job Hunting

Do you have a page on your website for job seekers? Along with information about resume builder services, computer classes, and job websites, embed a river of your resume and cover letter books.

Do you partner with your local Employment Security Commission or other local government agencies and nonprofits that help people find jobs? Ask your contacts if they would like to embed rivers of job hunting books available at the local public library on their website.

Small business

Your library probably has hundreds of resources for people looking to start a small business, whether a dog walking business on the side or the next Big Idea to hit Shark Tank. Share the different types of books you have available for them, from Management to Accounting, with book rivers on your website, right next to your links to Business Source Complete.

Do you have a SCORE volunteer coming to your library to mentor your patrons through their small business start-ups? Ask your local SCORE office to share a book river on their website and in their calendar. For example, if they are offering a session on marketing, they could include a book river of all the marketing books you have in your library.

Preparing for school

Kids have different study needs. Some like online practice tests, like the ones available in Learning Express. Others learn better from books. Direct kids to the formats that work best for them by including a book river with all your study guides on your website.


Readers’ Advisory

Everyone who has worked in the library has heard the question, “What’s the next book in the series?” You probably have a list of series that people ask about most often and a list of most popular series at your library. In the books or reading section of your website, include some book rivers with all the books in your library in those popular series.

Got an awards page on your website? Include book rivers with all the winners of awards like the Pulitzer and the Man Booker on that site. One quick and easy place to find all the books available at your library for the next time someone says, “I like to read award winners.”

Make it easy for readers to find books that are right for them. On your teen page, include book rivers like one with the NoveList genre, “Adult books for young adults.”

Show off librarian favorites by including a river of LibraryReads Favorites on your books and reading webpage.


Storytimes generally lead to parents asking about good books to read to their kids. NoveList has appeal terms that would make excellent book rivers, for example “Big and Bold” for books that have big and bold illustrations and are easily read to a crowd.

With lots of craft programs at libraries, everything from knitting groups to macramé, take the opportunity to show off all the crafting books sitting on your shelves. If possible, include the information in your library’s event calendar.

Book clubs are always looking for suggestions and NoveList has two great recommended reads lists that would be great to post on your website—and to encourage your book clubs to share: “Book Club Best Bets” and “Book Club Best Bets for Nonfiction Fans.”

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