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Guide to Launching NoveList in Your Library

Launching NoveListSuggestions for getting NoveList off to a good start!

1. Fine Tune Your Settings

  • Connect to your new database. To start using NoveList, simply go to Access is based on your IP address or User ID/Password, depending on your settings (these will be emailed to you after purchase).
  • Add links to your ILS/catalog. We encourage you to set up catalog links within the NoveList databases and also link to your local holdings collection. Patrons will then be able to see which titles in NoveList you own and use the catalog link to place holds on titles. Contact to set up this feature.
  • Display real-time availability of titles. Let patrons know whether the recommended titles are available *now*. Learn more.

2. Make it Findable for Patrons

  • Link to it on your website. Make it big! Make it bold! Make sure patrons can easily find it. Use a NoveList button (download one from the NoveList Promotion Kit) along with an enticing description (see sample in the next bullet) of what the reader can do with it. For example:
    Link to NoveList
  • Write a description to pull your patrons in. Make sure your website visitors know what exactly NoveList is and what it can do for them. Need help? Try using our sample description:
    Looking for your next book? Want to find more authors like your favorites? NoveList Plus has all your reading answers. Find books that match your interests, read-alikes for your favorite titles and authors, or ready-made book lists on your favorite genres. With NoveList Plus you'll fill up your to-read list in no time!
  • Add a search box on your homepage. Patrons don't even need to leave your homepage to start searching. To get the code for a search box like the one below, go to EBSCO’s Search Box Builder page. Then watch this tutorial on setting up the search box for NoveList.
    Search box
  • Make finding NoveList easy. Try all of our best practices for helping readers find NoveList on your website.

3. Spread the word

  • Tell your staff. Make sure your staff are the first to know! Give them a reason why they’ll want to use it (it’s a great tool for answering the tough questions or for keeping up with what's new in genres). Do a quick overview at your next staff meeting (this short video is a great overview). Point them to tutorials on YouTube.
  • Promote it. Visit our Promotion page for free promotional materials, including logos, buttons, bookmarks, and flyers. Also, consider subscribing to LibraryAware for even more ready-to-go promotional and readers’ advisory tools (see more below!).
  • Announce it in your emails and newsletters. Here is a sample paragraph that you can use to announce NoveList Plus:
    Want to know the secret to finding your next book?
    Looking for your next book? Want to find a new author? Can’t remember all the titles in a series? We have a great solution called NoveList Plus. It helps readers of all ages find books that match their reading level and interests. Use it to find read-alikes for your favorite titles and authors. Fill up your to-read list! Look for the search box on the library's homepage. Next time you’re in the library, ask a staff member to show you!
  • Announce it to local media. Send a press release with a brief introduction explaining why the addition of NoveList is beneficial to local residents (hint: reading inspires, educates, and is generally good for the community). Use our sample press release.

4. Promote it regularly

  • Use social media to connect readers to NoveList. Does your library have a Facebook page or Twitter account? These are great outlets for spreading the word about new resources. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
    • Share a weekly reading recommendation on social channels, using NoveList to generate ideas. Some sample posts:
      • Is your holds list for [popular book] miles long? Try these other great suggestions: [link]
      • Read everything by [popular author]? Try these Author Read- alikes from NoveList: [link]
      • Need a good beach read? Take your pick from this book list: [link]
    • Issue a challenge to your Facebook users – pose questions about titles in a series or similar titles. Be sure to point them to NoveList for finding the answers!
    • Host a readers’ advisory event on social media. Readers write in with 3 books they enjoyed and staff respond with more recommendations (using NoveList as a resource, of course!)
    • Follow NoveList on Twitter and Facebook -- we post lots of fun reading recommendations and book quotes that you can re-share.
  • Promote NoveList to your book clubs. NoveList is a great resource for book clubs because it includes book discussion guides. Consider offering a special session for your book club members to show them how NoveList can help them find their next club read.
  • Use the NoveList promotional materials from LibraryAware. If your library subscribes to LibraryAware, you can search under the Promotions section for "NoveList Promotion" to find templates for bookmarks, book flyers, half flyers, and e-blasts. The NoveList promotion templates are nearly ready-to-go, just add the final details (like book jackets) and print! See some examples of available templates on our Pinterest board.
  • Brainstorm. Who else in your community would benefit from knowing about NoveList? Local schools? Businesses? Festivals?

5. Learn to use it like a pro

  • Get regular tips and tricks. Subscribe to NoveList News to get the latest
  • Build your skills. The Learn section of the Idea Center is chock-full of resources for learning how to use NoveList.
  • Inside NoveList. When you're inside the NoveList itself, be sure to look for the "How Do I...?" section (found in the top menu) for answers to the most frequently asked questions. When working with readers, try the RA Toolbox (found in the Especially for menu).
  • Download a copy of The Secret Language of Books: NoveList uses “story elements” to help connect readers with their perfect book. Our story elements include appeal terms, themes, and genres. Our team tags books with appropriate story elements, making it easy to see if a book is right. 
  • Get a NoveList refresher. Make the most out of your NoveList subscription with some tips to help you reap all of NoveList's benefits.

We also have launch guides for NoveList Select and LibraryAware.