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Connecting with Readers through Email

One of the most effective ways for a library to connect with readers is through email, whether through regularly scheduled newsletters that readers come to rely on (like NextReads newsletters from LibraryAware) or through occasional email blasts that announce a new library initiative, program, service or important piece of news. Emails serve a dual purpose; they showcase resources and keep your library at the top of a reader’s mind.

Library Newsletters: Best Practices

Is your library new to newsletters or perhaps looking for a refresher? Newsletters are an effective way for libraries to connect with their communities. Learn more about determining goals, gathering intelligence, establishing brand, and email metrics. Pick up tips on the anatomy of a good newsletter, and what makes for an engaging subject line and call-to-action. Whether you’re new to newsletters or want tips for making yours more impactful, we’ve got a resource for you:

Library Newsletters: Best Practices
See our guide to best practices for libraries and newsletters. 

Webinar: Library Newsletters: Best Practices
Hear from three libraries featured in the white paper of newsletter best practices who have stepped up their newsletter game and see results.

Looking for a tool designed to help public libraries connect with their readers and keep them engaged through all your print, email, and social channels? Learn more about LibraryAware.

Engage your community with your library resources

How often have you heard someone say, “I didn’t know the library had that!” Quick, targeted email blasts are an easy way to let your community know about resources like digital magazines, online classes, and genealogy. Learn how:

Guide to increasing usage of library resources
White Paper: I Didn't Know My Library Had That! 
See our guide to increasing the usage of library resources.


Webinar: Promoting Library Resources with Email
Find out how libraries like yours successfully engaged patrons and increased use of library resources with promotional emails.

Reach niche audiences with newsletters

Do you have a special audience you’re trying to reach? Maybe your library is seeking better engagement with local teachers, or you have an active job hunting support group, or you run a popular Maker Fair. Newsletters are a great way to reach these communities with targeted information that addresses their interests. For some examples, check out these effective targeted newsletters:

Want to know more? Hear from four libraries that have found success connecting with these sometimes small, but always important audiences in their communities.


Find more inspiration

Public libraries are putting out some dynamic newsletters and email blasts. For some inspiration, check out our blog posts tagged “Library newsletters.”  To get tips on creating great looking and effective emails in LibraryAware, check out our in-depth training, “Amazing Emails” part one and part two

Have a bit more time? Here are some more of our webinars on newsletters: