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Use Genre to Guide Readers to Their Perfect Book

When a romance reader picks up a romance, she expects her heart to flutter as a couple finds their happily-ever-after. Mystery readers want to close a book knowing who the killer is. Whether a library puts stickers on the spines of books or has genrefied the collection, as professionals, librarians use genre to guide readers to their perfect book. These resources will guide you through the collected genres in NoveList, and use them to help you match readers to their next favorite book.



A Guide to Genres and Book Discovery
A Guide to Genres and Book Discovery

This handy pocket guide describes the genres and subgenres in NoveList, and provides tips for using them to help readers.


Tutorial: Finding Books By Genre in NoveList

This tutorial shows you how to explore and learn all about genres using the features in NoveList. With our Browse Genre feature and genre searches, you'll be able to tackle any unfamiliar genre.
Use this search strategy to find the perfect romance in every subgenre -- and with just the right amount of heat. (And check out our other search strategies for finding books for any reader).