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Appeal Scavenger Hunt in NoveList Plus

Appeal Scavenger Hunt


Search Tags

Get to your results faster using these field codes:

Searches all categories of appeal (e.g. type “AP Approachable” in the search box).

Uses a keyword search for genre so searching “GN mystery stories” will return titles tagged with that genre.

Returns all books, authors, and series with the subject (e.g. try a search for “SU Dogs” or “SU 1950s”).

Performs an exact numeric search for a Lexile. Search a range using < and >. For example, “LX > 500 AND LX < 700".

Here's a fun way to learn more about appeal terms in NoveList Plus. Try using the search tags listed in the side bar and NoveList’s Guide to Appeal to find the books described in the scenarios. For easy printing, download a pdf version of this document (with an answer key!).

  1. Find a very tame romance for a teen reader (HINT: Check out the tone appeal terms).
  2. Find a book that is witty and is appropriate for both Teen and Adult readers.
  3. Find a book with a blue cover that has flawed characters.
  4. Find a book that kids would be able to see from across the room in storytime.
  5. Find a thriller that is zany (or offbeat).
  6. Find an audiobook that has a full cast of characters and is set in the 1940s (Hint: Search “1940s” using the subject search tag).
  7. Find a book that has the same Lexile number and some of the same appeal terms as one of your favorite books.
  8. Find a book for a patron looking for a suspenseful Amish mystery (Hint: You will need to use the AP, SU, and GN search tags, along with the AND Boolean operator).
  9. Find a picture book that features characters from racial and cultural minorities.
  10. Use the Appeal Mixer on the homepage to create a custom appeal combination. From the “I’m in the mood for books that are…” section, click “Try our appeal mixer.” Find a list of books for a reader looking for a disturbing and fast-paced book, with a lot of character development.