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How to Match Readers and Books using Appeal

Appeal factors help readers decide whether or not a book fits their style or mood. What is heartwarming to one reader may be saccharine to another; what is mildly sensuous to you may be quite shocking to others. These resources will help you get started finding the right books to appeal to every reader.


Appeak BookThe Secret Language of Books: A Guide to Appeal
*Newly updated 2018 edition*
This useful little pocket guide defines the words that describe the mood of books. It's a must-have tool for anyone who works with readers.

A new book is coming!
We're in the process of updating the printed book. Email us at to be notified when the new book is available. Please indicate how many books you would like to receive. In the meantime, you can download an electronic version of the guide.






Tutorial: Finding Books Using Appeal

This tutorial shows you how to use several appeal-based features in NoveList, including the make-your-own appeal mixer.
Appealing to Genre Readers
Webcast: Appealing to Genre Readers

Listen to a panel of reader’s advisory experts as they discuss strategies for going beyond genre read-alikes and using appeals to *ahem* appeal to avowed genre readers.