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10 Tips for NoveList Newbies

New to NoveList? Here are 10 ideas to get you started!

1. Figure out where the help is
Don't miss the How Do I…? help pages in the top toolbar in NoveList -- these are quick answers to common questions.

2. Try a simple search
Do your first search by typing in a title of book you read and enjoyed. See what kind of read-alikes are recommended for it.

3. Find your first list
Now look for a Recommended Reads list (hint: they're on the left side of the home page).

4. Watch a 2 minute tutorial
Check out the NoveList 101 playlist on YouTube for quick how-tos.

5. Dig deeper
Tackle a few challenging searches with these search strategies.

6. Make time for training
Sign up for one of our regularly-scheduled training sessions

7. Make sure you stay up to date
Be ahead of the curve! Subscribe to NoveList News to get the latest info.

8. Questions?
Contact us anytime using the feedback link in the top toolbar in NoveList.

9. Follow us
Want to know we're thinking about? Check our blog, full of projects and ideas we're working on. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

10. Get further inspired
Sign up for one of our webinars.


Is your library new to NoveList? Be sure to take a look at our Guide to Launching NoveList in Your Library for more tips!