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Readers' Advisory in Public Libraries Report

NOTE: We're currently conducting an updated survey on this topic. Join in! Go to: Tell Us About Reader Services at Your Library

Does your library offer readers’ advisory (RA) service? Do you wonder what other libraries are doing in this area? This report showcases the results of a survey developed by Library Journal with NoveList and the RUSA/CODES Readers’ Advisory Research and Trends Committee.

Learn answers to these questions: Is readers' advisory here to stay, or is its value declining? Does every library in the country (other than yours) have a fully staffed readers’ advisory department? What digital strategies are libraries using to suggest books to readers? What book-oriented programs do libraries offer? Whether you believe that bringing books and readers together is at the heart of what libraries do, or whether you wonder just how important this work really is -- read this report to understand the current landscape.

Click the image to download the report:

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