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Diverse Books

You (and the kids you teach) want books with characters that reflect their lives. We also support and encourage #weneeddiversebooks. Find these books -- fast -- with our Books with Diverse Characters search strategy.

Our thoughtful metadata includes “people first” language, giving you lots of way to search for diverse books.

We make it easy to find books about about cultures and places. Check out both our Discover Books Based on Culture or Place video and our Exploring Books By Culture search strategy to find books that help your kids explore diversity around the globe.

Our Book Squad newsletters (kids, teens, school, diverse reading) include tips, printables, and book suggestions. They're fun to read and share. Try one, or try them all!

And speaking of those cool printables, you can find many of them in the NoveList database by typing “DE printable” as a keyword search. As an added bonus, LibraryAware customers can edit printables like these -- or easily make more of your own!