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Books and Popular Culture

Tune into their thing!

Series and fandoms can become like old friends to kids, but kids (and adults!) need help finding new friends. Tune in to their thing – whether Harry Potter or Stranger Things – with NoveList's popular culture lists.

For Fans Of __

NoveList's "If You Like…" Recommended Reads lists (left side, home page) provide title suggestions based on popular books. And, for your fan of Gravity Falls who doesn’t like to read? Try NoveList's “For Fans Of…” lists based on popular musical groups and television shows. Learn more about these For Fans of reading lists -- including information about how to suggest a topic!


And speaking of those cool printables, you can find them in the NoveList database by typing “DE printable” as a keyword search. As an added bonus, LibraryAware customers can edit those printables.


Stay Hip

Think you're not hip enough to recommend books based on popular culture? No worries. Check out our popular webinar on Unlocking Popular Culture.