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Wapiti Regional Library

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The Wapiti Regional Library in Saskatchewan, Canada is a 46 branch library serving 125,000+ residents over an area of approximately 580,000 square kilometers (that's 223,939 square miles), and over 100 rural municipalities, and one of the winners of the 2016 Grow Your NoveList Usage grant program.


The Wapiti Regional Library had one major goal when they began the program, to promote their readers' advisory services and increase NoveList usage by 20%.

What they did

WRL began the initiative by educating the region's branch staff on how to use NoveList Plus for readers' advisory, as well as how to promote it to patrons. Educational materials including PowerPoint presentations and how-to guides were created and distributed to all branch staff, while promotional materials including posters, bookmarks, and brochures were sent to all 46 locations to promote NoveList Plus to patrons. The Community Services Librarian also promoted the use of NoveList Plus on the library's social media.

WRL flyer
A WRL flyer

WRL bookmark
A WRL bookmark

The outcomes

While the Wapiti Regional Library did face some challenges due to the geographic size of their area served and uncertainties as to whether they could claim the grant as a Canadian institution, they did see some successes at the conclusion of the project. NoveList K-8 saw an 196% increase in searches compared to 2015, and usage of NoveList increased significantly in March and April.

Although they did not meet their initial goal of 20% increase in usage, the project allowed WRL establish a set of marketing and instructional materials which they will be able to use in their efforts going forward.