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Kansas City Public Library


The Kansas City Public Library in Missouri was one of the recipients of the 2016 Grow Your NoveList Usage grant program.


The KCPL began the program with several goals in mind:

  1. Increase NoveList usage among staff.
  2. Increase awareness and usage of specific features in NoveList.
  3. Increase patrons' use and understanding.
  4. Identify "NoveList cheerleaders" who serve as point-persons.
  5. Gain consistent usage of 160,000-200,000 searches per month.

What they did

KCPL began by developing a special training program to increase knowledge and use of NoveList among public services staff, and in turn, library visitors. Trainers issued pre-surveys to evaluate staff needs and created an agenda addressing the areas for training most requested by staff in the survey. Each training session spanned 60-90 minutes and included a PowerPoint presentation, hands-on activities, and plenty of time for questions afterwards. After the training, staff were encouraged to complete a mini-project activity requesting each participant create a book display or book list using NoveList. After the training sessions, branch managers were asked to appoint a "NoveList cheerleader" for their locations to attend a more in-depth training.

The final NoveList cheerleader training included a deeper exploration of all the features of NoveList, and the attendees became the point persons for further staff training and all things NoveList.

The outcomes

KCPL saw huge increases in their sessions and searches, ranging from 200%-800%. They consider the project a success and expect to see their numbers keep rising. Post-surveys show that staff are far more aware of the benefits of NoveList and feel more comfortable using the database, in addition to anecdotal evidence from staff who have had successful encounters with showing patrons NoveList as well.

They credit their success to targeted training, and will continue to check in with staff, particularly the NoveList cheerleaders. Going forward, KCPL is planning more programs and initiatives to reach the readers in their community with all the great services NoveList has to offer.