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Durango Public Library

The Durango Public Library in Southwest Colorado was one of the recipients of the 2016 Grow Your NoveList Usage grant program. Serving a population of around 55,000, the DPL has a yearly circulation of approximately 440,000.


The Durango Public library had two main goals when they began the program.

  1. Showcase their staff’s RA expertise while promoting NoveList to patrons.
  2. Increase NoveList use by 20%.

What they did

DPL’s first project was creating a 30-second commercial promoting the library’s NoveList database as a readers’ advisory resource. It ran on their local public access station for six weeks, airing 38 times per week to an audience of around 80,000 potential viewers. When posted to the library’s Facebook page, it garnered more than 500 views and 13 shares, generating great publicity for the library, staff, and NoveList.

In addition to the commercial, the DPL designed a variety of professionally-printed materials to promote both NoveList and the expertise of staff. Twenty posters, combining the Libraries Transform theme with NoveList, were posted in the library’s branches and digital versions were shared on Facebook. Staff members highlighted their personal expertise with a series of bookmarks printed with their photo and placed in the different materials that staff member recommends, and another series of bookmarks encouraging patrons to make their own recommendations to friends and family.

The outcomes

The Durango Public Library NoveList Grant Program was a success! Their NoveList usage numbers went up over 50% in April compared to April 2015, and the trend continued in the following months.

Their key to success was simple: stakeholders were created among the staff. The whole RA team invested themselves in the grant and its eventual success, and determined as a team how resources would be spent, what materials should be created, and how to commercial would be produced.

As a result, NoveList is now the go-to tool for all readers’ advisory staff, and the promotion of the database and its benefits for readers will continue going forward through 2016 and beyond.