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Book Squad Profile: Rebecca Honeycutt
Bibliophile, fangirl, Assistant Pig-Keeper at heart

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In a dusty box in my attic, there is a photo of me, aged three, pretending to read an upside-down copy of The Hobbit. My three-year-old self didn’t know it, but this was a sign of things to come. My passion for children's fantasy books -- and books for youth in general -- grew stronger as I grew older, and continues to this day. I dabble in grown-up books occasionally, but it's hard to fit them in among the all the eye-catching picture books, quirky middle grade stories, and boundary-pushing YA novels. (Not to mention the copious amounts of fanfiction.)

Being nerdy, bookish, and over-enthusiastic, I was naturally attracted to a career as a youth services librarian. I loved the variety of being a public librarian; now, I indulge that same love as a NextReads bibliographer, sharing a wide variety of books for kids and teens. If this grab bag of youth lit sounds like your bag, I encourage you to subscribe to emails from KidLit Connection and TeenLit Connection so that we can geek out together.

P.S. If you understood that "Assistant Pig-Keeper" reference, we're clearly meant to be friends.

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