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Katherine Bradley Johnson

Katherine Bradley Johnson

Readers' Advisory Librarian

Katherine writes six NextReads Newsletters (four nonfiction, one fiction, and one mixed) and contributes read-alike recommendations for titles, authors, and series to the NoveList products. Researching all these books not only maintains Katherine's current awareness of a range of genres and subject matter, but it makes her TBR list infinite. She's also a member of our Book Squad.

Katherine has been reading ever since she can remember. What she likes best are well-plotted mysteries, literary fiction, or history and biography, but the writing style has to be imaginative and have really cool descriptions for her to fall in love with it. When she's not reading or working at NoveList, she may be out photographing landscapes, flowers, or events. She's a deacon in the Episcopal Church, serving at St. Matthew's in Hillsborough, NC. Her white cat with David Bowie eyes enjoys sitting with her while she reads, if he's not out catching mice and shrews.

Katherine's Recommended Reads: