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Rebecca Honeycutt

Rebecca Honeycutt

Readers' Advisory Librarian

Rebecca selects books and writes annotations for all of the NextReads newsletters aimed at young readers, and is a member of the Book Squad. This means that she spends a lot time combing through book reviews, playing in giant spreadsheets, and consulting various thesauri. In addition to writing about books for kids and teens, Rebecca enjoys reading books for kids and teens, and has a special fondness for middle grade fantasy, boundary-pushing YA novels, and picture books with retro-modern illustrations. She's also a member of our Book Squad.

Though print is still her favorite, Rebecca appreciates being able to access ebooks and fanfiction from a variety of devices, and doesn't like to drive anywhere without an audiobook for company. Talking is not her strongest skill (her primary conversational gambit is "What have you read lately?"), but she will talk endlessly if you engage her on the following topics: old-fashioned movie musicals, fandom culture, Christian Robinson's artwork, and any iteration of Sherlock Holmes. She proudly identifies as a Hufflepuff.

Rebecca's Recommended Reads: