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Shauna Griffin

Shauna Griffin

Creative Content Supervisor

Shauna leads the team behind NextReads newsletters and is also responsible for making sure that handwritten title, author, and series recommendations appear in NoveList products. But she also goes where she’s needed, whether by participating on genre-focused teams or making suggestions for improving book recommendations based on our cataloging. She's also a member of our Book Squad.

Shauna volunteers with both her running club and the local animal shelter, and though she enjoys a wide variety of books, she loves reading Gothic fiction and psychological suspense stories. Her book club ensures that she reads at least one book a month that she wouldn’t ordinarily seek out., and she’s realized that while she’ll never truly love most historical fiction, she does have a fondness for grumpy old Scandinavian men and the true tales of underdog triumphs.

Shauna's Recommended Reads: