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Krista Biggs

Krista Biggs

Readers' Advisory Librarian

Krista works with several of NoveList's talented external contributors to create many of the articles found in NoveList, which cover fiction (Adventure! Westerns! Horror!) as well as nonfiction (Biography! True Crime! And more!). She also updates the RA Toolbox page -- which highlights Readers' Advisory content that's sure to keep your skills sharp -- on a monthly basis. And she's a member of our Book Squad.

Krista has spent many years trying to get away from even the hint of snow but North Carolina is as far as she's gotten. Instead, she depends on her cats to keep her warm and her green thumb to create the illusion of a rain forest. She is a voracious reader of mysteries ...until a romance catches her eye…or a thriller, or horror, or scifi, or...

Krista's Favorite Reads & Re-reads: